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Deus Ex Human Revolution Upgrade Augmentation Guide

Updated on September 26, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmentation Upgrade Guide

Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmentation Upgrade Guide
Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmentation Upgrade Guide

Deus Ex Human Revolution Upgrade Augmentation Guide

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen's augmentations is the key to survival in the harsh world of 2027. A guide on how to upgrade Jensen's augmentations will prove invaluable to the various parts of the game from the initial stages to the middle stages to the end stages of the deus ex human revolution game. The key here is to attribute enough Praxis points to get by the difficult parts of each stage, and then use the extra Praxis points leftover to create the ultimate Jensen human augment as liked by each player.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Cranium Augmentations

In deus ex human revolution, the cranium augmentations form a very important part of the augmentation essentials in the first few stages of the game. By upgrading the cranium augmentations, and in particular the hacking capture augmentation, and the hacking stealth augmentation, one will be able to unlock security protocols in deus ex human revolution and proceed with ease in various aspects of the game. In the early stages of the game, upgrade the capture augmentation to capture level 3, and always leave a few extra Praxis points to allow for upgrade to get by a security console of the next level ie level 4 or 5, which will come in more often in the latter stages of the game. Upgrade the hacking stealth augmentation to the highest level at the beginning, as this allows the player to be able to hack through some extra treasures in the hacking module to obtain extra credits to buy Praxis points, extra Stopworms to slow down the detection system of the security consoles, extra Nuke virus to hack each port without being detected, and extra experience points to obtain the next level and more Praxis points.

Don't be too hesitant to attribute Praxis points to the cranium augmentations module, as Praxis points can be obtained through completing side quests (see side quests guide) and also from the treasures obtained from hacking through the security consoles and opening the doors.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Stealth Augmentation

In deus ex human revolution, the stealth augmentation upgrade is essential in the first few stages of the game, when enemies are too numerous to fight off all at once, and stealth and then stealth strike is the best option for the player. Deploy at least one Praxis point in the stealth cloaking system augmentation, and the rest of the Praxis points in this stealth augmentation depends on whether the player loves fast action, stealth and cloak and dagger type or the patient, let's wait for the guard to disappear or turn his back type.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Arm Augmentation

In deus ex human revolution, the arm augmentation and in particular the cybernetic arm prosthesis upgrade is essential in the early stages of the game. The strong arm augmentation will allow the player to smash through walls, and also lift heavy objects to discover crawlways with which to enter and then surprise the enemies at the end.

The carrying capacity augmentation upgrade is unlikely to be needed till the latter stages of the game, when the player must carry the few following essentials - painkillers, cybernetic energy bars, large weapons of various types including the laser rifle for defeating the boss at the end of the deus ex human revolution game. These items will take up a lot of space. So reserve a few Praxis points for this upgrade in the latter stages of the game.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Back Augmentation

In deus ex human revolution, the back augmentation and Icarus landing system is essential in the early stages to mid stages of the game. As the game progresses into the mid-stages, there will be more than a few instances when Jensen is needed to jump from great heights, for example in the Derelict Row mission, and the Shanghai missions where jumping down from the buildings is essential to move fast from place to place within the labyrinth that is Shanghai of 2027.

The reflex booster and multiple taking down of opponents will be important in the mid-stages to late stages of the deus ex human revolution game, where there will be more enemies and more occasions where it would be impossible to sneak past two enemies at once and they have to be taken down at the same time,

Deus Ex Human Revoluion Skin Augmentation

In deus ex human revolution, as the game progresses, the direct confrontations with enemies increases, and enemies have more and more firepower. It is therefore essential at some mid point in the game and definitely when facing any of the three human augment bosses (the Bull, the Mantis and the Snake) to upgrade the defensive skin augmentations to the max if possible. This at least allow Jensen to approach the enemy from the front (as a last resort) despite the huge firepower, not go down and be able to deploy the Typhoon augment in the face of multiple enemies or any of the three bosses listed above.

The protection against EMP and electrical damage augmentation could arguably be one of the hardest decision for the player to make in terms of early upgrade or late upgrade. Using the early upgrade option allows the player to transverse electrical charged water filled areas with ease, and will allow negate from EMP blasts from the bosses and the guards. it is very useful indeed but not essential until the end game of Deus Ex Human Revolution when it is highly recommended to have this skin augmentation upgrade when facing the final boss of the game.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Torso Augmentation

In deus ex human revolution, the torso augmentation is another hard decision in terms of early or late upgrade. The typhoon augmentation within the torso augmentation is essential in taking out the bosses and the large bots in the game, although for the bots, there are other ways to take them down. Upgrade the typhoon augmentation when one is faced with a boss that Jensen cannot take out easily with other weapons.

The other torso augmentations are really up to the player. For health augmentation upgrades, Jensen can just use cloak to hide or run until his health replenishes again. For energy bars upgrades and recharges, remember to always carry energy bars around with a large carrying capacity, or just sneak to the next cover and wait for recharge.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Other Augmentations

Similarly, in deus ex human revolution, the other augmentations such as the leg augmentations, the eye augmentations and the accurate shooting augmentations can be very useful and fun to have in various missions. But it is not really essential and up to the player to distribute Praxis points as required. Will the new deus ex human revolution dlc produce any upgrades on the deus ex human revolution augmentation upgrade systems? Only time will tell.


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