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Xbox 720 development

Updated on May 22, 2011

The Xbox 360 has been around for a while now, and people are starting to wonder when Microsoft will develop the next generation console. Sources say that an outside designer is working directly with Microsoft's IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) Design group to make rough designs of what could be the Xbox 720.

The information is farily new, and Microsoft has not commented on it.


Release date for the Xbox 720

Not much has been said about the official release date of the Xbox 720, but many people are stipulating that 2015 will be the release year. Frankly, this is not too long to wait for a new generation console. Sony and Microsoft have already stated in years past that they are in no rush to produce next generation consoles. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are ahead of their time in terms of technology. In fact, they are so ahead of their time that game developers are still playing catch up. Many games do not fully utilize the capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360, and that is what Microsoft and Sony are waiting for before they release a new console.

It costs a lot of upfront investement for companies to design, develop, and distribute new generation consoles. Before, it was unheard of for a game company to wait more than a few years to release a new console. Now, the major companies are taking their time to build a console that can last for years in the game market. 

It not only costs the game companies money to release a next gen console, but every next console has a more expensive price tag for consumers. Companies are afraid that if they do not slow down the production rate of next gen consoles that consumers will no longer be able to afford the systems.

Has the Xbox 720 been in development?

It's hard to say if the Xbox 720 has been in development or not. Companies like Microsoft are very picky on what information they leak. If there is an Xbox 720 in development, chances are that Microsoft will deny or give little confirmation to the question.

There was only a shelf life of about 4 years for the original Xbox. However, Microsoft does not want the Xbox 360 to have such a short life. The company has gone to great lengths to reinvent the Xbox 360, such as frequent Xbox Live updates, the Kinect and a new model of the Xbox 360. If the Xbox 720 will be released in 2015, Xbox 360 will be around 10 years old. That's a very long life for a game console.

We may find out more at E3 this year

Hopefully, more will be said about the Xbox 720 at this year's E3 convention. It has already been announced that Nintendo will announce it's project Cafe'. Maybe Microsoft will see this as an opportunity to give Nintendo a little competition.

We may just have to wait until E3 to find out anymore news on the Xbox 720.

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Happy gaming!


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