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Devil May Cry Series Guide

Updated on September 12, 2014

Introduction to Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is one of my all time favorite game series. I have played and beat every one so far. While it has changed over time, with tweaks, new playable characters and storyline at its core its primarily the same. You play as Dante a half human/angel (depending on which game in the series) and half demon hero/bounty hunter who fights evil (sometimes in the form of your twin brother Vergil).

What started originally as a Resident Evil spinoff but then developed into a hack and slash action game as the game got further developed. Introducing new and original ideas to the genre such as juggling opponents in the air, and grading your missions and combos.

Devil May Cry 4 - Xbox 360
Devil May Cry 4 - Xbox 360

Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360


Game play of Devil May Cry

Game play of Devil May Cry is similar to other hack and slash games such as God of War, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Darksiders, Bayonetta (developed by some of the same people that created the first Devil May Cry). Devil May Cry is one of the first to have juggling enemies as a part of combat (originally a glitch from the Onimusha series).

While in the first Devi May Cry you can only use one ranged weapon and melee weapon at a time, there are combos for each weapon and ranged weapons can be charged as well. As the game series evolved, it was easier to switch between ranged weapons, adding fighting styles in the third game, adding 2 different characters to play and allowing switching between styles.

The most recent game which is considered both a prequel and reboot DMC: Devil May Cry changed combat in a few ways. In the latest Devil May Cry game they added switching between Angel and Demon moves instead of fighting styles. The game is split up into missions which are graded on how well you did, how many collectibles you found and a number of other factors. Combat is also graded as well, depending on variety of weapons (both ranged and melee) as well as combos.

All games in the series allow you to supercharge your melee and ranged attacks by transforming into a demon (called Devil Trigger). Generally there is a bar of energy displayed on screen and after you acquire enough through combat, or collecting you can transform into a demon. In the latest Devil May Cry game transforming into a demon throws your enemies up into the air in suspended animation and the immediate area goes white and black and your hair turns white.

Devil May Cry: The Complete Series S.A.V.E.
Devil May Cry: The Complete Series S.A.V.E.

The animated Devil May Cry series

Devil May Cry: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Devil May Cry: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Blu-ray of the animated Devil May Cry series


Story of Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry series is a bit hard to follow since the first devil may cry offers little background to the main character Dante. In fact with the recent entry DMC: Devil May Cry which is both a prequel and a reboot further confuses the plot. Story wise the games should go in this order DMC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 1, Devil May Cry 4 and then Devil May Cry 2. In DMC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3 transforming into a demon doesn't happen until later in the story while other games you can use it from the beginning.

The premise of the games is Dante being a half demon, half angel/human bounty hunter (in the latest game hes shown as a rebel and an outlaw) who fights evil. Dante is the son of the legendary demon Sparda who turned sides and fought for good. Originally Dante and Vergil's mother was human but was changed to angel in the latest prequel/reboot DMC: Devil May Cry. The first Devil May Cry features Dante but also features his brother (who is being controlled and in a different form named Nelo Angelo).

The first Devil May Cry features Mundus, and Trish as well who hires him for a mission. Mundus is also a main enemy in the reboot and prequel DMC: Devil May Cry. The second Devil May Cry is set way into the future and you play as both Dante and Lucia. The third Devil May Cry game is Dante trying to stop Vergil from literally unleashing hell on earth. Devil May Cry 3 also introduces Lady who eventually becomes an ally and has to defeat her father Arkham who is assisting Vergil. Vergil is also a playable character and you see the story from his side as well.

The fourth Devil May Cry features a new protagonist Nero who has some relation to Dante, a demonic arm which uses a "Devil Bringer" ability. He also uses a revolver and is part of an order that worships Sparda. In the beginning Dante and Nero are at odds since Dante seemingly assassinated the leader of the "Order of the Sword". Kyrie is also shown as a friend and love interest of Nero's. During the course of the game he comes across Vergil's yamato katana sword and is able to use the Devil trigger ability like Dante.

With the latest game comes a lot of changes, Dante and Vergil now being both angel and demon. Kat is also introduced as a psychic that helps Dante and Vergil. Vergil is part of a resistance against demon kind who secretly control the news, media and economy (he is shown early like a member of anonymous or V for Vendettaish character). Dante comes to help Vergil since Mundus a demon who helped murder his mother and trap his father in hell. Mundus is also the one who corrupted Vergil and controlled him in earlier games.

Dante and Vergil are Nephilim (half angel/half demon) and are the only ones that can stop Mundus. Mundus mistress lilith also figures into the story as well playing a pivotal part in the game. In the latest game appearances are deceiving as many parts of the city are secretly demons or demonic which is shown when Dante is pulled into another dimension called "Limbo". Kat is able to go into Limbo using spells but in some missions Dante is in limbo while Kat is stuck in the normal human dimension.

No Redemption Devil May Cry (Limited Edition)
No Redemption Devil May Cry (Limited Edition)

Limited edition of DMC:Devil May Cry combichrist soundtrack


New Video Module

Trailer for latest Devil May Cry

Top 10 Devil May Cry bosses

IGN review of DMC: Devil May Cry

One of the best Combichrist songs on DMC: Devil May Cry

DMC: Devil May Cry
DMC: Devil May Cry

Latest Devil May Cry game out for Xbox 360


One of the best songs on the DMC: Devil May Cry, also called Devil's Dalliance

Soundtrack of Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry has always had an interesting soundtrack by mixing gothic orchestral pieces, electronica and metal. The latest game in the series DMC: Devil May Cry features music by Dutch electronic band Noisia and Norweigan Aggrotech band Combichrist (a mix of electronic, metal, dubstep and more). Devil May Cry 3 featured music from Coal Chamber for much of the game's soundtrack. Noisia and Combichrist in my opinion made the best soundtrack for a Devil May Cry game so far.

Aside from the Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry has one of the best and varied soundtracks I have heard in a game series. Devil May Cry 3 features music contributed by the lead singer of Hostile groove which is the second best Devil May Cry soundtrack so far.

Devil May Cry Collection - Xbox 360
Devil May Cry Collection - Xbox 360

HD Devil May Cry collection for xbox 360

Devil May Cry (5th Anniversary Collection)
Devil May Cry (5th Anniversary Collection)

A collection of the first three Devil May Cry games for playstation 2

Devil May Cry 4 - Playstation 3
Devil May Cry 4 - Playstation 3

The fourth Devil May Cry for Playstaton 3

Devil May Cry HD Collection - Playstation 3
Devil May Cry HD Collection - Playstation 3

HD collection for the first three Devil May Cry for Playstation 3


What Devil May Cry game is your favorite?

Which Devil May Cry game is your favorite?

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Devil May Cry basics

Combat tips: Move around, dodge and jump a lot to avoid attacks, also knock enemies into the air to better manager multiple enemies. Locking on and switching between enemies also helps as well.

Use your guns to keep enemies in the air, to switch it up and damage multiple enemies.

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