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Diablo 3: Cosplay and Class Discussion Part 1

Updated on September 21, 2012

Diablo 3: The game to play this summer!

Ever since its release this summer, Diablo 3 has been snowballing in its popularity! Even before it was released, Diablo 3 broke several presale records for being the most pre-ordered PC game on It also holds the record for being the fastest selling game of all time, with 3.5 million games sold within 24 hours!

The latest release from Blizzard Entertainment continues from the end of Diablo 2 twenty years on. The three prime evils Mephisto, Diablo and Baal were defeated and peace reigned. However the Worldstone, which shielded the inhabitants of the Sanctuary from the forces of Hell and Heaven, was destroyed. Evils lives again in Tristam, and it is now up to you to save the world from being being destroyed.

There are 5 hero classes for you to choose from: the witch doctor, the monk, the barbarian, the demon hunter and the wizard. Each class has very distinct playing styles and characteristics which we will discuss here in relation to cosplay!

Class 1: The Monk

Monks originate from the Monasteries of Ivogorod in the Foothills. They are highly trained martial artists with deeply-rooted beliefs in ancient magic and various elemental gods. They believe in the purification of their souls and continue to strive for greater wisdom through meditation.

Their religious roots can be seen in the various tattoos and symbols on their bodies, and their light magic can be used through runes and symbols.

The Mysterious Monk!

According to Leonard Boyarsky, Diablo 3's lead story designer, the people at Blizzard decided to do away with a conventional Asian style monk and "we thought it would be interesting to take some kind of 13th century... well not factual, but some kind of Eastern European 13th century monk and combine it with the more Eastern style; not only in terms of the look but also in terms of the philosophical. So he has the Eastern philosophy integrated into him, the movement has a lot to do with life and the gods mixed in with a very theocratic, organised religious belief system. "

Monk Cosplay: Things to note!

Overall Monk appearance:

The male Monk is bald, with two religious circles on his forehead. He is extremely muscular and has very prominent forearms, which are often displayed in off-shoulder robes. Hence should you decide to cosplay as a monk, be prepared to lift some weights in order to bulk out for the role. An easier alternative would be to create muscular contours with the usage of a bronzer and foundation powder. It is best to use either a sponge or a brush to create more defined lines.

The female Monk is slim and fair, and is characterized by short blonde (almost white) hair.She has very well defined features and a small face which I find almost pixie-ish. Out of all the classes, she is the most portrayed. Christina Sims, a well known cosplayer, won the recent Blizzcon 2012 Cosplay competition with her take on the female monk. Her picture can be found in this same textbox.

Staying in Character: Monks are martial artists, so be sure to have a basic knowledge of simple martial arts stances when posing for the cameras! They rely on large movements which can be found in skills such as Crippling Wind, so do incorporate that into your stances! With regards to their temperament, they are deeply religious and meditative beings. So try to channel calm and serious thoughts when you're in Monk mode!

Weapons: Monks are able to use a variety of weapons but they are most often seen either with a staff (usually a two-handed staff) or fist weapons. If you don't have time, a simple wooden pole would do.

Armour: Monks are characterized by their saffron coloured robes with black collars (think deconstructed Buddhist robes). The top is a long robe with an extended front and/or back flap (depending on your preference) while the pants are usually white and baggy around the thigh area. The robe is clinched in with a broad waist-sash, similar to a cummerbund. Some outfits use an elaborate belt instead of a simple red sash. For males, you may also opt for armoured shoulders instead of leaving them bare, and then pad them for a bulkier effect. It all depends on whether you want a simple monk outfit (such as the starting character outfit) or a more complicated look (like an end-game character). For a quick outfit, buy a yard of yellow cloth and drape it over your body. Use a leather sash or make one with some black cloth, and use this to gather your robe together. Stitch some black cloth to the edge of your yellow robe, especially at the neckline, for a better finish!

How to make a beard & moustache with wool

To recreate the dark brown bushy beard and mustache of a male Monk, take the hair from fake wigs (I've found a video which uses crepe wool as an alternative, be sure to check it out!) and create long stick-on hair strips. It's important that you use good adhesive tape for your mustaches or you be facing the embarrassing prospect of a half-mustached face! Try experimenting with different types of tape to find out which one works for you.

Applying spray-on tanner

The male Monk has lightly sun-tanned skin due to his exposure to the elements, hence I would recommend getting a tan. You may create a fake tan using a self-tanning spray but be sure to wear gloves or you'll end up with splotchy brown palms!

Dust a layer of bronzer over your exposed skin for a finishing healthy glow.Spray on tanners can be very tricky to use, and you need to have a uniform finish for a natural look. I've included a video on how to apply spray on tanners, so I hope it helps!

Monk (Asian version)

Monk (Asian version)
Monk (Asian version)

Which is your favourite class in Diablo 3?

Which class did you enjoy playing the most?

See results

Class 2: The Wizard

The Wizard is a spellcaster who uses arcane and elemental magic in battles. For die-hard fans of the Diablo series, you would probably have recognised him from the previous Sorcerer class in Diablo I and II.

In the world of Sanctuary, Wizards are rogue magic users who originated from Xiansai (a northern island whose culture resembles Asia). And al-Hazir, an adventurer, wrote about one particular wizard who wreaked havoc in the city of Caldeum. Certain schools of magic were considered too dangerous and their usage was forbidden by "those wiser than you or I", according to his writings.

Svetlana from Germany cosplays a Wizard!

Svetlana from Germany cosplays a Wizard!
Svetlana from Germany cosplays a Wizard!

The infamous Error 37, now an Internet meme!

The moment D3 went live, hundreds and thousands of gamers tried to log on to the Blizzard servers and instead encountered error message Error 37. Error 37 has now gone down in history as one of the most frustrating gaming experiences ever.

Wizard Cosplay

Generally, the female Wizard looks similar to the female Sorceress in Diablo I and II. The design of her character is so familiar to the Diablo III player that she has been become rather commonplace.

Her male counterpart on the other hand, had a very controversial reveal on the official Blizzard page. According to in-game lore, the Wizard was supposed to have been a headstrong, rebellious youth. However, the Wizard looks like rather effeminate and does not bring to mind the powerful, awe-inspiring character he is supposed to portray. In fact, he looks like the main character of a shoujo manga!

Appearance: The female Wizard has Asian facial features, along with fair skin and jet-black hair. I would recommend using foundation to lighten a darker complexion or better yet, use spray-on foundation for a more natural finish.

The male Wizard also has rather Asian features and a slim build. His most recognisable physical feature would probably be his long flowing hair. He reminds me a little of Loki from the Avengers.

Staying in Character: Wizards are usually depicted in spellcasting stances. One popular pose is to have one hand holding a weapon (such as a staff or a wand) and pointing forward, while the other hand holds on to a magical artifact such as a crystal ball. This would be the offensive "battle mode" stance.

Armour: The female Wizard is often seen wearing a tight bodice, a short jacket (optional, this can be replaced with shoulder armour), shorts/ultra mini skirt, thigh high boots and a belt with attached robes flowing to her ankles. It's a very sensual yet strong look. Try using a lace-up corset for the bodice. It's tiresome doing up the laces and it's restrictive but it would recreate the sexy hour-glass figure that the female Wizard is known for. I would also recommend using either brown leather or black faux leather to make the corset for a more textural feel to the entire outfit. As for the robes, silk would be a good material to use as it has a rich luxurious look, especially when it is blown around in the wind as you walk!

If you prefer a wilder look to you Wizard, do leave the hems of the cloth attached to your belt jagged. You might want to burn your hems to prevent fraying and to give it a rugged look. Use a gentle flame (preferably one from a candle) and do this in an open area so you don't inhale the fumes. Also, do try lightly burning a sample of your material first because certain materials do not burn well. Synthetic fibers such as polyester leave hard clumps when they have been burnt.

Weapons: Wizards are usually depicted holding a small magical crystal ball with or without a wand. A Christmas ornament from the local thrift store would make a great crystal ball!

Class 3: The Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is a ranged attacking class which specialises in bows and crossbows, and rely heavily on traps to supplement their attacks. According to Diablo lore, the demon hunter was the only survivor of a vicious attack on her village by a group of demons. She was found by a Demon Hunter who took her in and trained her.

Demon Hunters are in general a group of zealous warriors sworn to destroy the evil creatures of the Burning Hells. Their home base is located in the Borderlands and they are dispatched all over the world to carry out their mission. Demon Hunters have a unique resistance to demonic corruption, which normally corrupts ordinary beings. Hence they are able to harness the power of demons to ironically carry out their destruction.

Demon Hunter Cosplay

According to the designers at Blizzard, the Demon Hunter is based on a bounty hunter or a monster hunter and has a sinister and aggressive aura, someone who sole purpose in life is killing demons (think Van Helsing and Boba Fett). She is willing to go through all means, even walk down darker paths, in order to eradicate hellspawn.

Appearance: Demon Hunters are often seen with a hooded cloak of some sort, which partially covers their face. This creates a mysterious aura since her face is partially hidden. She also has very striking, other-worldly eyes due to her use of demonic powers. Try using eye contacts for to achieve this effect. I would go for pure white eyes, where the pupils blend in with the rest of the eye whites for a more dramatic effect! Go heavy on the eye liner, eye shadow and the mascara for an almost goth look, and finish off with a dark red lipcolour. When using a dark lipcolour, bleeding (i.e. lipstick smears) are especially noticeable. Use a lip liner on the outer contours of your lips before filling in the rest of the area with lipstick.

Armour: Similar to the female Wizard, you may choose to simply use a corset top or to create a suit of armour. Both the male and female Demon Hunter often wears elaborate shoulder pieces with layered armour in dark colours such as grey, silver and black. You might want to standardise the armour colours and patterns from head to toe for a more coordinated look. The gloves can be ordinary leather gloves which you can buy from any thrift store and further embellished on your own. Generally, the Demon Hunter is covered from head to toe with coordinated armour.

Weapons: The Demon Hunter is often seen with crossbows and bows. You may opt to put in a quiver with a few arrows but it's not really necessary. Strive for a sleek look and if a quiver seems a little out of place, then it's best to simply do away with it.

Channelling the Demon Hunter: Demon Hunters are dark and almost goth-like, so be sure to channel this mood into your cosplay! I would recommend listening to a little bit of metal music (Marilyn Manson is a personal favourite of mine for channeling dark moods) before stepping out in your costume!

How to make a hooded cape

This video is for a red riding hood cape but you can substitute the material. For a first-timer, I would recommend starting out with basic black cotton and then adding details of your own such as a ribbon edging to the material. Softer materials like silk and polyester slide about easily and are trickier to sew. You can adjust the length of the Demon Hunter's cloak as there is no definite length. Personally, I'm a great fan of Van Helsing and since the Demon Hunter is loosely based on his character, I would use a dark rough material and cap the length at around knee-length.

One thing to note: do take into account your height when crafting your cape. A long floor length cape can make a short person look shorter, while too short a cape might not look good on a taller person!

D3... A good sequel?

I played the previous Diablo games in the series and was thrilled to death when Blizzard FINALLY announced the release of D3 after so many years. Did D3 live up to your expectations?

Did D3 live up to your expectation of a good sequel?

Demon Hunter Cosplay Pictures

I love her armour! It's pretty well made, especially the shoulder area. The only thing that doesn't gel with the rest of the outfit are her shoes. The brown stands out too much against the silver and dark grey armour. The desolate snowy landscape adds to the dark feel of her outfit!

Demon Hunter Cosplay Pictures

Her eyes are so startling blue, they draw you in the more you look at her. Her armour and bow is so well made too! This has to be my favourite Demon Hunter cosplay so far.

I'll be following up with the Witch Doctor and and the Barbarian Class in my next lens. I'll also be featuring a few other cosplays from Diablo 3. Which characters would you like me to write about? Write your comments and links here!

Did you know... Diablo 3 Fun Facts!

James Hong, who voiced Covetous Shen in Diablo 3, is also the voice actor of Mr Ping in Kungfu Panda. (That's the father of Panda).

Diablo... too girly-looking?

Do you think Diablo looked too feminine in D3?

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    • Elaine Chen profile image

      Elaine Chen 

      6 years ago

      my son keep on asking me to repeat the video about "beard & moustache with wool"; he is so interesting to see this kind of video; thanks for sharing :-)

    • SimonJay profile image


      6 years ago

      wow that Svetlana from Germany cosplays Wizard is awesome and the demon costume is crazy


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