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Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Builds

Updated on May 30, 2012

The Newest Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Builds

Get some kick ass new tried and tested Demon Hunter builds right here. Time to kick some ass..

Be sure to comment below to share your own build & comments about this guide, thanks! See you ingame!

Scroll down a bit to go straight to the hottest inferno builds.

Can Demon Hunter Solo Inferno?

There has been a lot of debate about whether, because it is in the ranged classes, the Demon Hunter is a good choice for Solo Inferno. This article will examine this question and offer the best answer and the hottest tips for any gamers exploring this issue.

diablo 3 demon hunter inferno solo
diablo 3 demon hunter inferno solo

First things First

The short answer is YES. The game was designed as a single player game, so drop that negative thinking straight away! Solo Inferno is possible for any class regardless of what anyone might tell you. Blizzard have stated clearly from the outset that Solo Inferno is possible for anyone dedicated enough to do it. Hours of internal testing have taken place across all the classes, so there is absolutely no reason why the Inferno is not ‘soloable’ by anyone with the right skills.

demon hunter solo
demon hunter solo

Demon Hunter In The Melee?

There is a concern about the lack of cover for the ranged classes in a melee environment, lots of gamers think that the monsters in inferno will be able to, either teleport to you, teleport you to their location, wall you off, immobilize you or mover to attack you at such a speed that you will find it hard to fight back.

While it is true that the Demon Hunter has amongst the least elemental resistances of all the classes and fewer ways to increase it compared to some of the elemental classes like monks and mages, this should not hold you back in the long term, and here’s why…

shadow powers
shadow powers

Focus on strengths NOT weaknesses

A lot of the worrying comes from old school, World of Warcraft way of thinking, you can forget about tanks and healers and just start thinking cleverly about dealing with mobs and melees in a different way.

Avoid taking hits, play smart, some of the other classes can take punishment more easily. Demon Hunters have some serious abilities to get away from the mob, so play to your strengths: even one active ability with the right rune will back flip you 30 yards, so think clever

Demon Hunters can use shields too remember… Shadow Powers, Caltraps and Vault are all decent options and in the long term are going to be needed. Think about this and be careful with your build, if you are thinking about going all guns blazing, firing off damage and expecting to suck up the damage you might as well reroll now.

own as a demon hunter
own as a demon hunter

How to own it up as a Demon Hunter - Give yourself the edge!

The proof is always in the pudding and there is no doubt that the current pudding flavor of the moment is the GLASS CANNON. Some of the best solo results for the Demon Hunter are coming using the glass cannon and it is for that reason that it is our top tip for overcoming your class limitations.

Lots of enemies will either 1 or 2 shoot you, so relying TOO heavily on pure defence will only ever get you so far. Going glass cannon and spamming out during SS chains is consistently achieving some of the strongest results we have seen.

Form act 2 onwards you can be repeatedly hit with some serious damage, up to 40k per hit. This is making you sacrifice so much dps that killing them from that point is going to be tough. The best tip in this situation is to spam smokescreen and nuke, hold tight for sufficient cool-down, then keep moving.

As with any method, you are going to need to get a good balanced build, use your head and be dedicated, but play to your strengths and the Demon Hunter should serve you extremely well in your solo mission.

demon hunter inferno
demon hunter inferno

Demon Hunter Inferno Build

One of the best D3 Demon Hunter Inferno builds...

Check it out here

diablo 3 demon hunter white background
diablo 3 demon hunter white background


Below you will find 3 demon hunter builds for inferno difficulty.

No one needs to tell you how awesome the Demon Hunter class is, that's why you're here. You know the unique combination of range and offense makes playing Diablo 3 this way a shrewd move, providing of course that you are clever with your builds. When you consider that Demon Hunter has little elemental resistance for example, it soon becomes clear that not just any old build will do. It is for that reason that we are going to keep bringing you the best articles, hints, tips, debates and builds. Let's kick things off... (read below)

diablo 3 demon hunter ingame screenshot
diablo 3 demon hunter ingame screenshot


If you are in the process of trying to beat inferno using Demon Hunter, you will already know how tough it can be. Check this build out to give yourself the edge you need. The Templar Follower, which we recommend highly for the resource regeneration, is going to be key. Let him take the flack while you use the diversion to do your thing – laying traps and spamming like mad, all under cover of the smokescreen.Add the lingering fog to your smokescreen for enhanced protection because remember, in the melee you are going to need the breathing space it can offer.

Your Templar is going to take some serious hits and will die (A LOT) don’t worry about this, that’s what he’s there for, to divert attention while you go on the offensive. Which brings us neatly on to another key aspect of this build – The Bola Shot.

You can see there are loads of offensive aspects going on with this build, but we will let you check them out in your own time. But before you do that, take this one piece of advice:

Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the bola shot. It won’t cost you big with the hatred and can cause great damage. The Bola is going to be your bread and butter here, get used to it and embrace it’s glory! In the hectic Inferno environment the Bolas will start to stack up, one on top of the other and cause some serious damage.

Play around with this one, but once you get used to it, you’ll find soloing a hell of a lot easier, give it time and you’ll be knocking off packs of elites like they weren’t even there.

diablo 3 spike trap
diablo 3 spike trap


This one mixes things up a bit but retains the core principles that are going to see you right in Inferno. Surviving is the name of the game in Inferno mode so the smoke screen is still going to be one of your best allies … keep screened as much as possible, use your lingering fog prep and be prepared to use night stalker in conjunction with archery if it comes to it.

Lasting through some long fights without taking big hits in terms of mobility will serve you well so keep things interesting by changing up your spike trap with some suppression fire multi-shot. Don’t be afraid to use the flexibility in the build, see what works for you, our tip on this one though is to make good use of the crossbow and shield in combination.

diablo 3 demon hunter gameplay
diablo 3 demon hunter gameplay


We are always keen to offer you variety as well as value, so get to grips with this build if you are looking to place more focus on regen. Whether you find this suits you or not will depend largely on your attack style, so as ever, hit it up and see if works for you, we do know for sure that lots of people have found it a simple way of breezing through phases 1-3.

The effectiveness comes by three way stacking maximum discipline, attack speed and clever use of chance items. Use your discipline regen spells to ensure you have maximum discipline up for your smoke screen. When you hit stage 2, this emphasis on regen will have to be stepped up a level. Keeping the emphasis on the regen, you will soon see that the passives in this build will give you the longevity you need to keep your head above water in the inferno.

Let us know what you thought about this demon hunter guide and leave your own builds below!

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