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Diablo III

Updated on April 8, 2013

Note: This lens presumes you already know the Diablo Series

I'm going to leave this article for informational purposes, but this article is from a time Diablo III was still not launched. Compare the diferences:

NEWSFLASH: Diablo 3 is now hosting a contest for fan-made banners and art! Check their official site to participate!

NEWSFLASH: You can now find out about the Diablo 3 Cast. They have their info up on the site now. Check it out at

The game we were waiting for since, well, since we remember, is finally going to launch on the 15th of May.

Just one month left! Almost there, so please bear with me for the excitement.

Memorize the date, heroes!

This Lens will cover what is new in Diablo 3, provide you with some cool peeks and resources, give you some free items like wallpapers and explore to the max this blockbusting game.

People will soon say, I used to play Skyrim but I took a Diablo in the Knee!

Dont forget you can pre-order now, to get playing as soon as you can. I'll update this lense regularly and review it for you if you want to wait till I get it.

Buy Diablo 3 - Collector version *.*

So what is new in Diablo 3?

Well, I got it covered...

The new things we can expect are:









Below I will explore the most important points (from my point of view)

Skill Runes - Oh my...

The Official Page states that:

"In Diablo III, runes give you unprecedented control over your skills and powers, changing elemental damage types, accuracy, and area of effect; adding new debilitating effects like slows and stuns; and even altering the nature and appearance of your abilities."

Well, runes have very different effects, and it allows you to change or adapt your strategy... easier to specialize or get hybrid. Runes are a must have for any good character and can add a good element to the gameplay.

Im already seeing myself trying to get the right one, farming mobs. Does that sound geek? I dont care.

Well to give you a better example.... Lets say Im a Barbarian with Bash skill. What could I use a rune for... what are my choices?

For example:

- Rune X - Punish

Increases the damage of your skills by 6% for 5 seconds after using Bash. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

- Rune Y - Pulverize

Cause a shockwave that inflicts 38% weapon damage to enemies in a 26 yard line behind the targeted enemy.

- Rune Z - Clobber

Instead of Knockback, each hit has a 20% chance to Stun the target for 3 seconds.

So you see, each class, character and skill influence what the rune does... its pretty interesting.

The Followers - last, costumizable help.

The Followers are also a new feature on the series. Every hero needs a sidekick, and you are no different.

By this time you are saying - Oh but in Diablo 2 I had henchmen - shhh, it isnt like that!

Followers have a real personality and, more importantly, you can costumize their builds, skills, and like the henchmen - armor and weapons.

You can be aided by 3 followers:

The Enchantress - Strong with supportive spells, arcane blasts and debilitating magic

The Scoundrel - The Range killer, strong with disabling arrow shots and attack boosts

The Templar - Smiting Holy Justice, Healing and Recovering and aiding by defensive fighting

Crafting and Artisans

As you meet and assist people during your journey through Sanctuary, some of the world's most talented craftsmen will sign on to travel with you.

Invest time and money into an artisan's training, fill their shop with worthy materials, and they'll keep improving the quality of items they can produce, augment or combine for you.

Im pretty excited with this feature, I long to bring a businessman with me on my journeys that will pay me in hard work. It seems a very interesting idea.

Right now, there are 2 artisans:

The Blacksmith - He basically Forges and Breaks Down (Salvages) Items.

The Jeweller - He combines and manages gems and gem insertion, adds and manages sockets and those things.

One of the best things is, as you invest in them and help them thrive, you will see their shop developing, and getting new tables, tents etc... which in turn make more recipes and work available to you.

New Classes - The wizard, Witch doctor, Demon Hunter and Monk

The new classes are:

Demon Hunter :

The Demon Hunter is typically a badass with two crossbows.

Offcourse Blizzard has another way to put things:

"Demon hunters are relentless vigilantes who execute their infernal targets with an arsenal of ranged weapons. They crouch and take aim far from danger, relying on bows, deadly traps, and projectiles to swiftly bring an end to the creatures that haunt their world."


The Wizard doesnt hold much secrets from us veteran gamers. They are the ultimate spellcasters of destruction, or as Blizzard puts it:

"Wizards are renegade spellcasters who use their bodies as vessels for arcane energy, forsaking the more careful path favored by other magic users. They manipulate all manner of forces to disintegrate, burn, and freeze their foes, and they can control time and light to teleport, create powerful illusions, and deflect oncoming attacks."

Witch Doctor:

The witch doctor is a character that is fun to be played, its really what youd expect it to be: Curses and Hexes, Zombie Pets, Twisted Confusions for the minds of every size.

"Witch doctors are spiritual warriors who summon dead souls and crawling creatures to do their bidding. By surrounding themselves with conjured zombies and vermin, witch doctors are free to assault their enemies with exploding skulls, acrid poison clouds, and wasting curses."


Monks are agile, Monks train hard to unleash the power of Mantras, and Monks do some awesome combos, barehanded and with traditional monk weaponry. Yeap, its the karate class.

"Monks are sacred warriors who channel divine power through sheer force of will. Healing waves, mantras of protection and attacks empowered with holy might are all within their purview."

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      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Fantastic lens, well done!

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      aSwellGuy 5 years ago

      Love D3.