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diana3herbs's Vintage and Handmade Showcase

Updated on September 7, 2016

One of the original online places to find collectibles

Ebay was one of the first online places for the little guy to buy and sell collectibles.
Ebay was one of the first online places for the little guy to buy and sell collectibles. | Source

You can find the most unusual things on ebay

You never know what wonderful treasures you might find here among someone's collections ;)

I have seen everything from vintage sewing patterns and books to vintage electronics and handmade items too.

I specialize in handmade, natural, hand-sewn, and vintage items plus an antique item now and then.

My Mom collected vintage jewelry and glassware for many years and was a dealer at several antique malls in Ohio and PA.

She also was a representative for Sarah Coventry jewelry and then later for Caroline Emmons jewelry until they closed.

So, we have quite a varied collection.

Usually, I just put a few of my vintage items on ebay so be sure to check my other stores to see everything I have listed.

Here is my ebay "about Me" page:

Find wonderful vintage and handmade goods online and locally.

I like interacting with my fellow/sister sellers on ebay and enjoy meeting new customers from there as well, but I have my hands full with so many other things right now that I do not have the time to list there as much as I would like.

You will find the largest selection of handmade and some vintage goods at my main online store:

If you near to the Northeast Ohio area, I have a little Vintage and Gift Shop at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio.

* As with any of the items that I have for sale online, local pick-up is available if you are near to Hubbard, Ohio or will travel this way.

Just email me right away to let me know so that I don't ship it out and we can arrange a day and time for you to stop out at my Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop for pick-up.

I will be glad to refund the shipping charges that you paid when you come in to pick up your order - you would just have to pay the sales tax of 6.75%..

Collecting and dealing can be fun, but takes hard work

I only list a few of my vintage, antique, new and handmade items on ebay from time to time.

We have 1,000's of vintage books and hundreds of vintage VHS video tapes (many of which are still factory sealed) and so many other wonderful vintage goods to go through, evaluate and put out on the shelves and online.

I do plan to try to expand my number of listings eventually, but it takes so long to measure things and write up the descriptions... and it is much easier when a customer comes to my little shop and buys the items from here that for now, I can only squeeze in a new listing on rare occasions.

I find that a twenty four hour day just isn't long enough to get all of my work done on all of our websites, social media, my local gift shop and of course my house and family... .

So, if you're near to Hubbard, Ohio - stop by my little vintage and gift shop to see larger selection or ask for my links.

Vintage jewelry - brooches and more are fun collectibles

Vintage jewelry from Goldie's over 50 years of collecting and dealing in it:
Vintage jewelry from Goldie's over 50 years of collecting and dealing in it: | Source

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Starting an eBay Business for Dummies, Second Edition
Starting an eBay Business for Dummies, Second Edition

Learning to sell the clothes that your kids have outgrown, your extra stuff that is just sitting around the house and taking up space, your handmade goods, or your yard sale finds can be fun and even make a little money for you too !


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eBay Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

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This "eBay Timesaving Techniques for Dummies" just might fit the bill to get you going in the right direction.


What vintage items do you collect ?

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    • GiftsByDiana profile image

      Diana Burrell-Shipton 2 years ago from Hubbard, Ohio, USA

      You're welcome !

      We have everything from new to used, vintage and some antiques and a bunch of handmade goods as well.

      It really can be so much fun, but it is SO much work too.

      To make it, we've had to also have a few web-stores as well because a Brick & Mortar store alone just can't survive around here.

      I wish you well if you start one :)

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 2 years ago from Vermont

      I'm interested in starting up a little used goodies shop myself. In my area, it's more popular to buy pre-owned than new goods, even for gifts. Thank you for the tips and pointers.

    • GiftsByDiana profile image

      Diana Burrell-Shipton 2 years ago from Hubbard, Ohio, USA

      That a tough one ! Around here, the market is rather saturated with do-it-yourselfers so most of us make them to use for ourselves to give out and if we happen to sell any as well - awesome !

      I do keep some here at my gift shop and sell a few every now and then, but not enough to have more than a box of them out at one time.

      I think that making some to give might be the best way to get them noticed and then when folks see your work, they may ask you to make some for them to give out :)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I want to start selling my hanfcraft cards but don't know hiw to start