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Are different snooker tables faster than others?

Updated on September 7, 2010

Are different snooker tables faster than others?

The playing surface on a Snooker Table is called the bed. This will be covered in Baize or Worsted wool.

Baize is a coarse woollen cloth. Baize is quite a thick material and offers a lot of friction on the table which some players do not like this is because it will slow the ball down during play and greatly affect the player’s shots. This material is used on most tables which are going to be in bars or Clubs as it is more hard wearing.

Worsted wool is a lot finer then Baize so gives a quick movement on the ball as it doesn’t hold the ball as much as the thicker Baize. Worsted wool is the kind of material you would find on most Tournament tables.

The other main factor which will affect the speed of the ball will be the cushions on the unit.

These can also be known as Cushion rubbers, Bumpers or Rail Cushions.

The cushions are made of elasticised materials which is usually some kind or synthetic rubber.

Thomas Staton - Pool Tables and Snooker Tables Specialist


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      Snooker Expert 7 years ago

      Keeping it clean and brsuhed are also important factors in keeping the speed constant.