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Dinosaur Lego - Tower Takedown

Updated on February 27, 2013

LEGO Dino Tower Takedown

The LEGO Dino theme was released in 2012 and one that was long-awaited by dinosaur-loving Lego fans. This series of dinosaur Lego sets contain superior quality Lego dinosaurs compared with previous versions.

The Lego Dino Tower Takedown set is the second smallest and second cheapest of the first release of this theme and it is one of the best value-for-money Lego Dinos and contains one of the most well-designed of dinosaurs; Pteranodon.

This lens introduces Lego fans to the Tower Takedown set and highlights some of the good and bad points.

I hope you love this Lego Dino set and the cool Pteranodon.

LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883 - Lure In Pteranodon & Net Him!

LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883
LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

Any dinosaur Lego collection will be highly enhanced with the addition of this Pteranodon. A flapping Pteranodon comes up against a tricky hero who has baited his tower with a nice, smelly fish. This lakeside tower is equipped with a control tower with Pteranodon scanner and a net to fire over the beast as it comes in for the bait. A jet ski is a nice little addition too for the hero minifigure to travel on.

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This is a good value set which is a great gift for young and old Lego fans alike. the Lego Pteranodon is sure to be a hit but this set goes well with a number of other Lego sets based around water.

Lego Pteranodon from LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883
Lego Pteranodon from LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

The Dinosaurs And Minifigures - What's Cool & What's Not

Lego Pteranodon

What's Cool

This Pteranodon looks realistic with a nice color scheme.The wings are hinged so that they can flap and the tips are slightly rubberized to prevent them from breaking easily.The wings also have molded detail on them to make them look like they have a bone structure.The head moves and so does the beak of the Pteranodon.Lego studs on the Pteranodon's back allow minifigures to ride on his back in flight.Pteranodon has a fish which he can clamp in his beak.

What's Not Cool

Nothing at all.

Hero Minifigure from LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883
Hero Minifigure from LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

Dinosaur Hunter Minifigure

What's Cool

The grim expression and beads of sweat on the face of the hero make him look like a man of action.The hero has a cool gun which fires tranquilizer darts.Highly detailed body printing on the front and back make him look well-equipped.He has a cool hat.

What's Not Cool

Dull color scheme and no printing on the legs.The hat does not fit tightly.He does not have a name.Only 1 minifigure in a set that deserves two.

Watch this full review of Tower Takedown for more details on this Lego dinosaur set.

LEGO Dino Tower Takedown Poll - What Do You Think?

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The Last Word On LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

This is a really good little Lego set which although it is a little more expensive than perhaps it should be, contains a really, really great dinosaur. The level of playability of this set is high, which is a lot to do with the design of the Pteranodon and the fish which is supplied as bait.

With a net firing device and tranquilizers, the hero has a decent array of tricks to capture this dinosaur and the tower has a number of nice little details. The only thing which would have improved this set is an extra minifigure as pointed out in the video review.

Ultimately kids will want these Lego Dino sets for the dinosaurs and this Pteranodon is one of the best.

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Dinosaur Lego can be found here! Lego fans who are dinosaur enthusiasts have been waiting for this - the excitement of rampaging dinosaurs combined with construction of buildings and vehicles.

Here you can discover many LEGO dinosaur sets from over the years and find them to buy.

Dinosaur Legos keep improving and you will see that here.

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