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Dinosaurs for Kids - Toy figures and more. Raah!

Updated on April 15, 2013

Toy dinosaur figures for prehistoric play

Looking for dinosaur toys for kids? We've got lots of dinosaur figures, all the common ones like T Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus and less well known ones too. Dinosaur Playmobil and Lego sets are very popular too. And we've got the latest cool dinosaur toys too.

I have toddler and preschooler boys who love everything to do with dinosaurs. As you can see, we have a box packed full of Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Utahraptors, Edmontonia, Pterodactyls, Dimitrodon and many more! We'll share our favorites for building a collection for a future paleontologist, or just a kid who loves dinosaurs!

Image: Just a few from our large collection ...

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We came across the Schleich dinosaurs when Gramps bought my three-year-old a Brachiosaurus for his 3rd brithday. My son had a few dinosaurs at that time, but nothing that compared to the quality of the new Schleich Brachiosuarus. It's heavy and beautifully detailed and a good size too. It's definitely my favorite dinosaur figure - my boy prefers Carnivores though!

These certainly aren't the cheapest ones you'll find but they are high-quality and very detailed. Schleich update their range with new models each year so there's always a new or updated species to collect. Great for serious natural history and paleontology fans.

Schleich dinosaurs

There are lots of different species in the range. They vary considerably in size and price so do check measurements carefully so you know how big the different toys will be in relation to each other.

We discovered Safari dinosaurs when my older son wanted a Ceratosaurus (he had seen one on Dinosaur King). The Safari one looked perfect and once he has saved up we bought it. The detail is great. He was very pleased with his purchase.

Jumbo Dinosaurs

@ Amazon BUY NOW

If you're buying for a young child then we suggest this Jumbo set from Learning Resources. The smaller figures above are small and have lots of pointy and poky bits.

These nice big figures can go in the dishwasher are lightweight.

You get five different species: a tyrannosaurus rex, a brachiosaurus, a stegosaurus, a triceratops and small raptor. A great starter set.

Do your kids enjoy toy dinosaurs? Le us know you stopped by.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi! Just found and browsed the exelelcnt site! One suggestion ! Could an indication of scale/size be included in the title? (name + maker + scale/size). I'm one who likes models to be a uniform scale c 1:40 1:45 or so (eg old Carnegie models!). Where makers have produced models of small dinosaurs in larger scales, or, smaller scale series, things can get confusing, especially if you add less well-known dinosaurs without any size indicator! If the scale is not known, perhaps vertical height plus nose to tail length could be given?Not meant as a complaint or great criticism of an exelelcnt reference site! Alan

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I have just today picked up some of the new and redo ptained Schieich dinos and was not really happy.Their new T-rex design is good size works with Papo and CollectA but they have down sized some of the figures more than half.The repainted ones are more than that their resized.I did pick up the apatosuarus the new color is nice but it is one that is more than half sized down.Should have left it alone.I had to really think on it,I figured it could be a more detailed young one.But now I don't think I will get anymore from them.Its sad to see this,another ending of a good thing.Not to say they wont turn out good items,oh well.


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