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The Most Collectible Discontinued Star Wars Lego Sets

Updated on January 26, 2013

These Star Wars Collectible Lego Sets Are Perfect For Fans Of Legos, Star Wars, Or Both!

Star Wars collectibles have been and always will be popular. These Star Wars Lego sets are among to most coveted of them all and some command insanely high prices.

On this page I've done my best to list all of the most collectible Lego sets from the Star Wars collection that have been discontinued. I've provided links to active listings for you to buy discontinued Star Wars Legos if you so choose as well as information on collecting rare and discontinued Lego sets in general.

I hope you find this page useful and worthy of a place in your favorites and please do share this page with your collector friends.

Star Wars Lego Sets
Star Wars Lego Sets

Collectible Star Wars Legos - The Navigational Menu

Listed Below Are The Star Wars Lego Collections Featured On This Page

If you know exactly what you are looking for click the link below. Otherwise scroll down the page for better browsing.

The Most Collectible Star Wars Collections - The following Star Wars Lego sets are extremely collectible and they command very high sales prices if in the right condition. Due to their nature I have provided a couple basic listings for these on this page as well as a dedicated page to each set.

Rare & Discontinued Star Wars Collectible Lego Sets - The Ultimate collector's sets listed above all command very high dollar values. Even for serious collector's the costs can be a bit steep. The following rare and out-of-production sets are all a bit cheaper but can still run up into the hundreds of dollars. For serious collector's however this can be worth it as values have climbed on these sets for some time now.

Low Priced Discontinued Star Wars Lego Sets - Not all discontinued Star Wars Lego sets command values in excess of a hundred or a thousand dollars. If you want to start investing in Star Wars Legos on the low end these out of production sets can all be found at auction typically for less than $100 and in some cases for less than $50.

  • Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter 7868
  • The Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7913
  • The Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8083
  • Star Wars Separist Shuttle Set 8036
  • Imperial Star Destroyer 8099
  • Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle 8096

Millennium Falcon Legos (#10179) For Sale On eBay

These sets can get extremely expensive if you buy one new-in-box and factory sealed. The price comes down quite a bit when the box has been opened before but even still if the set is complete it can still command hundreds in the auction market. Below are a few mid-priced collectors sets in various states of condition. If you want a well curated list of the discontinued Star Wars Millennium Falcon collector's Lego set then follow the link below to it's own dedicated page.

These are a whole bunch of these Millennium Falcon Lego sets in various states of completeness. For a lot more listings in this category see the following page(es).

How To Buy The Ultimate Collector's Edition Millennium Falcon Lego Set For The Lowest Price Possible
Of all the collector's series Lego sets by Star Wars & Lego brand the Ultimate Collector's Edition Millennium Falcon Lego set is by far the most coveted ...

Also, if you can't stomach the high prices for the #10179 collector's series set then take a look at the basic set #7965 which can be purchased for far less brand new on Amazon.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon (#7965) Lego Set

This is NOT the Ultimate Collector's Set 1st Edition. It is also a lot smaller than the big expensive collector's set released in 2007. Nevertheless it's pretty sweet and would make a great addition to any Star Wars collector's collection.

Discontinued Star Wars Episode I Lego Sets


Discontinued Star Wars Episode II Lego Sets


Discontinued Star Wars Episode III Lego Sets


Discontinued Star Wars Mini-Scale Legos

These miniature Star Wars collectible Lego Sets all have roughly 100 pieces or less in them. They were all released as early as 2003 and some were never even available for retail sale. Some sets are more collectible or valuable than others so you'll have to do a bit of homework to get your bidding right.

Discontinued Star Wars Mini Lego Sets
Looking for a list of all the discontinued and hard to find miniature Star Wars Collectible Lego sets? On this page I have listed out all of the oldest and s...

Discontinued Star Wars Midi-Scale Legos


This Page Is Part Of A Series On

Discontinued Lego Sets for Sale.

What set would you most like to own. Let us know below.

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