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Three Ways To Potentially Discover Old And Ancient Coins.

Updated on July 21, 2015

Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby, but where does a budding new collector find interesting yet inexpensive new additions to add to their collection? Here are three methods you could use to potentially unearth old, ancient and fascinating coins.

1) Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

Yes it's true, many people have found old spectacular coins using a metal detector! Some amateur metal detecting enthusiasts have unearthed some incredibly valuable finds. Take for example Nick Davies who discovered 10,000 ancient Roman coins, wedged inside a large clay pot, on his first ever treasure hunt near Shrewsbury, England.

Of course finds like this are not typical, but if you join a reputable metal detecting club, and have a reliable detector there's no reason given time that you couldn't find something interesting or unusual. Even if it was just a few hammered silver coins.

Please note, always make sure you repect land owners rights and adhere to any country specific treasure trove laws before embarking on impromptu trips as if you don't follow this advice you could be breaking the law in your country.

2) Frequenting Coin Forums

There are many long established coin forums on the internet, some of them operating since the dawn of online time circa the mid nineties :) These forums are visited by a mixture of budding new enthusiasts and experienced veterans. Some of these grizzled coin warriors sell some of their wares on the "for sale" section of the forums. Whether it be a "1997 British Britannia", or a "2013 Noahs Ark coin from Armenia" or some old Roman or Greek coins. Dig around on these forums to see what you can come up with, even if you don't purchase from anyone on the forum, window shopping can often be fun and informative.

3) Independent Coin Stores

Most towns with a population above 50,000 people have at least one or two independent coin stores. These independent retailers often rely on steady cash flow to stay in business, so they are always needing to sell old stock to make way for the new. You can take advantage of this opportunity by visiting the store a few times over the course of a few weeks and building a relationship with the dealer.

During conversation you can ask what coins he or she may be having difficulty selling. Perhaps they would be willing to sell you a coin for a bargain price? Always do your research first though to make sure you are not buying a poor quality or worthless coin.

So there you have it. Coin collecting is undoubtedly a fascinating hobby. I hope you surprise yourself and your friends by finding a huge hoard on your first metal detecting trip in the back garden, but let's be frank here - that's highly unlikely, but not impossible! :) Thanks for reading this article. If you're interested you can read my next hub.


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      hubtastic meegle 4 years ago

      these coins are awesome can I have one.