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Dishonored Dunwall Sewers

Updated on October 13, 2012

Dishonored Dunwall Sewers

Dishonored Dunwall Sewers - no surprises the hero has to defeat rats to get to freedom and the loyalists
Dishonored Dunwall Sewers - no surprises the hero has to defeat rats to get to freedom and the loyalists

Dishonored Dunwall Sewers

In Dishonored, the hero enters Dunwall Sewers and must navigate its dangers and obstacles to get to the other side and meet up with allies. The dangers of Dunwall Sewers include ravenous rats, traps and guards. To effectively go through Dunwall Sewers, the hero needs to get his usual equipment. This will guide the hero Corvo on how to get to the hidden supplies in the sewer and then get past the obstacles to meet with the boatman (new ally) and the loyalists.

Dunwall Sewers Get to Hidden Supplies

Upon entering the sewers, the hero will find a note from a friend on a crate. To the left of the crates is a locked gate which cannot be opened. Now the hero must climb the series of crates and get to the top of the iron gate. There is a small passageway here that the hero can transverse and get through. Whilst crawling past this small passageway, observe the actions of ravenous rats on some humans below. Upon coming down from the passageway, Corvo will be attacked by these rats. Use melee attacks and pistol attacks to defeat the rats.

Next jump into the water passage and swim underwater, emerging onto the other side . Go up some stairs and notice a corpse hanging onto a wheel in front of the hero. Move the corpse aside and turn the wheel. The gate in front will open. Head forth and then up a plank on the right and through another opening in a metal grating to reach a large pit chamber in the Dunwall Sewers where people are throwing corpses from above.

The corpses are attracting ravenous rats. Do not underestimate these rats. Fend them off using Corvo's sword and pistol. Once that is done, turn another wheel to open another gate. Head through, and follow the arrow to get to the hidden supplies in the sewer.

Escape the Sewers to Meet A New Ally

Within the hidden supplies will be the Dunwall sewers key. Use it to unlock the gate near the supplies. Head through and be careful of a trap somewhere here. Walk across the plank and then up the ledge on the left to a small room. Corvo will begin to hear some sounds from guards at this point. Descend through a hole in this room and see a guard at the bottom. Learn the art of jumping and assassination as Corvo eliminates the guard.

Now turn around the corner and spot more guards. Use the skills learnt so far to sneak attack them. Head forth and swim through another small waterway. Follow the arrow on the HUD and the rest of the sewers journey should be a straight forward path to Samuel the boatman.

Samuel will take the hero to meet the loyalists. From there, the hero's next mission awaits.


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