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Dishonored Eliminate High Overseer Campbell

Updated on October 14, 2012

Dishonored Eliminate High Overseer Campbell

Dishonored chase after High Overseer Campbell and eliminate him.
Dishonored chase after High Overseer Campbell and eliminate him.

In Dishonored, the High Overseer Campbell is the hero assassin Corvo's first official target. Admiral Havelock has tasked the hero to eliminate High Overseer Campbell. This will guide the hero on how to get to High Overseer Campbell's office and then eliminate him and his overseers using various techniques.

Enter the Dunwall Distillery District

Ride with Samuel the boatman to the Dunwall Distillery District. From the pier, head up the stairs. There will be a guard here. Use stealth and blink to take him out. Now turn left and then reach a junction. On the left and right will be more guards. Take them all down. The hero's target here is to reach Holger Square. The path right from the junction is the correct path there. However, it is blocked by two walls of light.

Get Pass the Two Walls of Light

The hero has several options to get pass the two wall of light. Such is the open ended nature of the Dishonored game. Here the hero employs the cheeky option of using the Wall of Light against the enemies. The hero must first get the rewire tool from Perio at the Hounds Pit Pub. Use the rewire tool to rewire the first wall of light. The panel is to the right of the wall of light. Then lure the enemies into it.

The hero needs to remove the whale oil from the second wall of light to switch it off. Again take out more enemies beyond the wall. The hero will also be able to rescue Overseer Martin during the course of this mission.

Get Into Holger Square

There will be a solid wall blocking the hero's way into Hoffman's Square. To get into the square, one of the ways is to attract the attention of the overseer by blinking into the top of the fence on the left of the wall. The overseer will then stride to the right of the wall and open the door and allow the hidden assassin to attack him. With the overseer down, head into Holger's Square.

Within Holger's Square, there is another tall gate blocking the way into the office of the High Overseer. The way to get through this is spot a door to the left of this tall gate and enter the room within. Defeat the guard inside and then open the door on the other side.

Now head out and defeat more guards. Finally, the hero will face the entrance into the compound of the office of the High Overseer.

Enter the Office of the High Overseer

Within the compound outside the office, the hero will get his chance to use stealth and crossbow attacks on the overseers standing just outside the office. Take them out from far.

After entering the office, the hero will be faced (from a distance) with an overseer “educating” some civilians. Ignore him and turn left into a room. Get out of the room on the other side in stealth and use a crossbow to take down the overseer coming out of another room. This should be done so that the other overseers are not disturbed. The hero can then go up the stairs and towards the high overseer. Or he can eliminate all the other guards in this lower area for easy evacuation later.

Eliminate the High Overseer Campbell

It's time to take down the High Overseer Campbell. Head upstairs and eliminate all guards along the corridors. Follow the arrow on the HUD to find High Overseer Campbell talking to someone else. It may be worthwhile for the hero to create some noise to alert the High Overseer. This will allow him to run away down to his hidden chamber. Ignore all guards and just chase after the High Overseer. Whilst in the hidden chamber, use brute force to defeat the High Overseer Campbell. Take his journal and loot his hidden chamber.

Escape to Boatman Samuel in the Backyard

It's time to escape from the office of the High Overseer. Run back to the hall where the overseer was educating the civilians. The right side of this chamber contains the door to the backyard. Head there and blink through the rooftops to get to the Boatman Samuel. This is the quick path. The other path allows the hero to hold the heart and work out where the bone charms and the runes are located. These will increase the powers of the hero assassin.

Once the hero assassin has had his fun, return to the Hound Pits Pub and report to Admiral Havelock. The next mission involves learning the fate of the plague inflicted victims and the locating Emily.


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