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Dishonored Escape from Coldridge Prison

Updated on October 12, 2012

Dishonored Escape from Coldridge Prison

Dishonored walkthrough begins with the hero escaping from Coldridge Prison.
Dishonored walkthrough begins with the hero escaping from Coldridge Prison.

Dishonored Escape from Coldridge Prison

In Dishonored, the hero Corvo has been framed for assassinating the Empress. He has been imprisoned for six months in Coldridge Prison, and the day of his execution is tomorrow. It is time to make his escape from Coldridge Prison. This will guide Corvo on how to get the explosive, plant the explosive and escape from Coldridge Prison.

Get Out of the Cell and Get to the Footbridge Access

Corvo receives a key placed under his food. The key opens the door to his cell. There is a table near here which holds a city watch sword. Take the sword and proceed. The next step is to learn the art of assassination and non-lethal takedown in Dishonored, as the hero must fight or sneak his way to the Footbridge (or do a combination of both).

From the table area, head forwards and then turn right into a room containing three guards. Hide in the shadows and then assassinate the guard with the back facing Corvo and nearest to him. Wait for a moment and the remaining two guards will disperse. Whilst another one's back is facing the hero, sneak forwards and take him down. Then the remaining guard will attack. Defeat him and follow the arrow towards the waypoint (footbridge access).

As the hero approaches the footbridge access, there will be a weapons hangar on the left where the hero should collect a pistol unto his left hand. The hero can also pick up a health elixir here.

Now head beyond the door and climb some ledges to get to the top. The footbridge has been reached. The hero must now proceed across the walkyard and get to the interrogation room.

Coldridge Prison Get to the Interrogation Room

At the top of the ledges, there will be a door. Open this and proceed through. It is likely that the guards would have head the noise made by Corvo and have arrived to investigate. Defeat them and pick up the yard walkway key. Follow the arrow sign, and head towards the yard walkway, opening the door into this area with the key. Go through the yard walkway and arrive at the interrogation room area. Head downstairs and into the interrogation room. Beyond the interrogation room, get to the safe and pick up the clockwork explosive. With the explosive in hand, get to the control room.

Get to the Control Room and Plant the Explosive

The control room lies beyond the prison yard, where there are two guards. Whilst the back of one of them is facing the hero, take him down. The other guard will come rushing towards the hero. Defeat him.

Now head up the stairs and see the control room hallway ahead. There are two guards in view. One of them is in the control room. The other is outside and will walk towards the low cover barrier on the right. Move there whilst stealthed and then sneak attack the guard. Open the door of the control room. The guards inside will be alerted. Defeat them and proceed to the inner area of the control room. Swing the switch down to activate the door.

Now head towards the outer door and defeat more guards. The hero may want to close the inner gate door using another switch here. Now plant the explosive on the outer door and run outside the field of explosion.

Head straight through the smashed outer door and jump into the water ahead. Follow the arrow sign and find the entrance to the sewer. Enter Dunwall Sewers.


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