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Dishonored Find A Way Through Old Dunwall Sewers to the Pub

Updated on October 21, 2012

Dishonored Defeat Granny Rags

Dishonored Defeat Granny Rags to get the master sewers key and get out of the sewers
Dishonored Defeat Granny Rags to get the master sewers key and get out of the sewers

Dishonored Find A Way Through Old Dunwall Sewers to the Pub

In Dishonored, the hero enters the sewers for the third time. This time, he has to use the Old Dunwall Sewers to get back to the Hound Pits Pub. There are many enemies and dangers within the Old Dunwall Sewers and the hero must avoid most of them and then defeat an unexpected foe to emerge at the exit of the sewers and confront the people who betrayed him. The crucial part of this mission is to get the master sewers key from the main boss of this mission, and this will guide the hero on how to find a way through the Old Dunwall Sewers to the Pub and defeat Granny Rags.

Enter the Old Dunwall Sewers

From the Old Port District, enter the old Dunwall Sewers. At the entrance, the hero will find one of Slackjaw’s thugs holding onto dear life. He says that Slackjaw has gone after this rat summoner enemy, and urges the hero to go after her if he wants the master sewers key. There is a gate here which can only be unlocked by the master sewers key. Head out of this area through the other way.

The hero needs to tread through some waterlogged areas and swim underwater (in the sewers) to get further ahead. If the hero follows the arrow on the HUD, he should have no problems in the underwater part of the old dunwall sewers.

When faced with river krusts, remember to use cover to block their acid attacks, and then blink out and run out of the area in a hurry. The hero can try to engage them in ranged combat, but is likely to have his health depleted, and he needs his health for the battle ahead.

Dishonored Defeat Granny Rags

Eventually, the hero will end up in Granny Rag’s sewers torture and ritual chambers. From behind the entrance gate into the torture and ritual chambers, spy on Granny Rag as she is about to commence her ritual on Slackjaw. Blink in behind her and take her out. However, the battle is far from over, as Slackjaw will keep babbling about Granny Rag’s ability to come back from the dead, unless her cameo is destroyed completely. So follow the directions upstairs, grab her cameo and incinerate it. Be careful of the ravenous rats that will keep coming out from unknown areas to attack the hero. Once the cameo is destroyed, look around for Granny Rag. The hero has to surprise her and take her down to defeat her completely.

Now free Slackjaw with the shackles key and get the master sewers key. Search this area for a rune, loot and a wooden plank (on the floor) which the hero can smash to get to the returning drain. Jump into the gushing water underneath and be swept to the sewers gate. Use the master sewers key to unlock the gate.

Get Out of Old Dunwall Sewers Into the Pub

The hero continues on in the Old Dunwall Sewers. Further on from the sewer gate, the hero will encounter some well hidden river krusts. Blink past them into an area swarming with weepers. The key here is to run underneath some planks in crouch mode to grab a rune and then just run out of this area. Do not try to tackle the weepers as their numbers appear endless.

Once this is done, the hero should arrive at a chain leading to the lower levels of the Hound Pits Pub.


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