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Dishonored Kingsparrow Isle

Updated on April 22, 2013

Dishonored Burrows Lighthouse

Dishonored enter Burrows Lighthouse from Kingsparrow Isle and Fort
Dishonored enter Burrows Lighthouse from Kingsparrow Isle and Fort

Dishonored Kingsparrow Isle

In Dishonored, the hero heads to Kingsparrow Isle with Samuel the boatman for the final time. If the hero has a high chaos rating and has done lots of evil deeds to get to this point, then Samuel is disappointed with the hero and demands that he get off his boat. Samuel will signal to the loyalist guards, informing them that "Corvo is coming". This will make an already hard mission even harder. This will guide hero on how to get past the guards to get to and then eliminate Martin, Lord Pendleton and finally Havelock. This will complete the light at the end quest. The hero will eventually reunite with Emily and the rest of the history of Dunwall will be played out as determined by the hero's journey to this point in time.

Head to the Beach-side Entrance or the Harbour-side Entrance or Somewhere in Between

This particular hero will head out to the Beach-side entrance initially.

At the pier, after Samuel signals to the guards, the hero should hide behind cover and then put them down. Next, the hero should move up to the area before the beach-side entrance and find lots more guards and an arc pylon. This is a delight for the arc pylon addicted hero. Look for the wire leading to the rewiring panel of the arc pylon and sneak there, blinking and taking out guards as appropriate. Rewire the panel (remember to get the rewire tool from Piero one last time before heading to this area) and then lure every single guard in sight to that point.

After the guards near the arc pylon are defeated, the hero can take a bit of time and explore the area before the harbor side entrance. There is actually a small crawl-hole somwhere in between the two areas (beach-side entrance and harbor side entrance). Go inside, stealth through and put down the guard here. Rewire the wall of light.

Dishonored Eliminate Martin

Now head back up to the beach-side entrance and blink to reach the entrance and the wall itself. The wall of light here will not harm the hero.

In this area (Kingsparrow Fort), Martin and Lord Pendleton are at a standoff. First, let's get rid of Martin. Martin is located to the left of the entrance. Blink up the wall past the wall of light and look for the seer with the magic-disorientating device. Stealth around and take him out first. It may be necessary to hide below the stairs and wait for the opportune moment to do this. Then follow the arrow on the HUD and proceed towards Martin. If the guards are too overwhelming and patrolling too much of this area, possess one of them, walk to a safe hidden spot and take him down. Then head to the post containing Martin and possess him. Take him out when possession ends. Get the lighthouse elevator key from him.

Dishonored Eliminate Lord Pendleton

Lord Pendleton is easier to take out. There appears to be fewer guards in his area. From Martin's location, follow the area and blink to a ledge overlooking a broken wall. Blink through, take out the guard talking to Pendleton, and then turn around. Realize that Pendleton is, in fact, mortally wounded. He will be neutralized without the hero having to lift a finger.

Dishonored the Light At the End

From Lord Pendleton's location, climb up the stairs until the hero sees another arc pylon. There will be two supporting railings (before and above the pylon) in this area. Blink to the rail on the right side and advance. When the hero cannot advance anymore, blink to the left railing. Continue to stealth and blink your way to the elevator. Take out the guard here, and enter the elevator. Take the elevator to the top.

When the elevator stops, come out and climb some more stairs to the top, taking out more guards from stealth positions. Eventually, the hero will arrive at a luxury house at the top of the Burrows Lighthouse. There are blood stained areas within the lighthouse. But it is empty.

Havelock and Emily are found outside and at the top of Burrows Lighthouse. Blink in, take out Havelock and embrace Emily. Watch the end story and history of the reign of the Empress Emily Kaldwin play out before the hero.

The adventures of the Outsider's disciples continue in the dlc.


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