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Dishonored the Knife of Dunwall Walkthrough

Updated on April 24, 2013

Dishonored Knife of Dunwall

Dishonored Knife of Dunwall Walkthrough begins
Dishonored Knife of Dunwall Walkthrough begins

Dishonored Learn Rothwild’s Secret

In Dishonored, the new hero is born, reformed from the villain who destroyed the Empress. The new hero is Daud, and he has been subverted by the Outsider to try to redeem himself by trying to learn Rothwild’s secret. This is the beginning of the Knife of Dunwall walkthrough and will chronicle the adventures of Daud as he uses his powers, stealth, gadgets and fellow assassins to finish the objectives in the first part of this mission. It will include the optional quest how to find a time card.

Dishonored Get Past the First Wall of Light in the Knife of Dunwall

The first mission within the Knife of Dunwall walkthrough starts from an elevation somewhere in the Slaughterhouse yard. Here, Daud must defeat the enemies before the first wall of light in the Slaughterhouse yard and then turn the wall of light against the enemies.

Before embarking on this journey, Daud must carefully choose some equipment to bring along. The following items will dramatically increase the ease of the first mission.

  • Sleep darts
  • Choking gas
  • Rewire tools (do not be conversative about buying these)
  • Try the summon assassin power for fun

Now, armed with these equipment, from the top corner of the perch where the story starts, lean left and notice a Rothwild guard keeping some poor labourer. There will be some men on the ground and some on the bridges between the buildings and above the ground. Switch on the sleep darts or darts and then aim some well placed darts at the men. They will fall asleep or be put down and Daud can proceed onwards.

Note that there will be an arc pylon here, so Daud must find a way to switch it off and then use it against the enemies. To do this, blink down to the ground and then enter the first building on the right. Go up the stairs and get onto the porch. From there, blink down straight near the power supply to the arc pylon and remove its power source. Now go hide in the small alleyway on the left, and when the guards are not watching, blink to the room on the right where the controls to the pylon are. Use the rewire tool to turn the pylon to the hero’s own use.

Now blink out in stealth and replace the pylon’s whale oil battery into the power source. Go forward and wave to the enemies just standing outside the wall of light. They will chase after the hero. Turn around and run for the pylon. The enemies will be vapourized as they reach the pylon. To maximal enemy take down effect, turn on the alarm so that everyone will come chasing after the hero. Lead them to the pylon to be vaporized.

With the enemies gone, loot the area and then use blink to climb a platform on the left of the wall of light and then blink to the nearby wall and beyond the wall of light.

Dishonored Get Into the Slaughterhouse

The next step involves getting into the Slaughterhouse. There are two ways to do this.

1 – get the time card from the labourer prisoners in the prison and then stamp the time card at the main entrance to get into the Slaughterhouse.

2 – activate the lever and get into the Slaughterhouse via the sewer.

Beyond the wall of light, the first duty of the hero is to reverse the wall of light. Using the alarm tactics above, the compound beyond the wall of light should be cleared of enemies on Daud’s arrival. Follow the wires and use the rewire gadget to reverse the polarity of the wall of light.

Now, head down the slope and attract more enemies past the wall of light, so that they will be vaporized. Then, investigate the cell which contains the labourers. They will ask Daud to get the gate key. With the area cleared of enemies by the “lure and vaporize tactics”, follow the arrow and get the gate key easily. Unlock the gate and speak to the prisoners. They want the wall of light turned off. So go back and turn it off. Speak to the prisoner and he will give the time card to Daud.

The other way to get into the Slaughterhouse is to spot another arc pylon in the distance and a burly man guarding the light pylon. Use stealth and the nearby rooms to sneak into the room with the control panel and use rewire mechanisms to reverse the polarity of the light pylon. Use it to zap the enemy. Now head for the lever and activate it. Notice a wire leading to the waters. Follow it and there will be a sewer way into the Slaughterhouse.

Dishonored Slaughterhouse Yard Bone Charms And Runes

There are two bone charms here, and two runes. One of the runes is given to Daud at the start as a favor. The other is picked up in the area beyond the wall of light.

  • Bone Charm 1 – near the start point at Slaughterhouse Yard Bone. Use Unveil to pinpoint its location once the enemies are defeated.
  • Bone Charm 2 – in the sewers once the lever is activated.
  • Rune 2 – near the top of a tall building near the main entrance into the Slaughterhouse Yard.


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