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Dishonored the Loyalists

Updated on October 22, 2012

Dishonored the Loyalists

Dishonored Activate the Arc Pylon to eliminate the loyalists or put them to sleep....... if only all arc pylons will behave like this.
Dishonored Activate the Arc Pylon to eliminate the loyalists or put them to sleep....... if only all arc pylons will behave like this.

Dishonored Confront the Loyalists Quest

In Dishonored, the hero Corvo approaches the end of his quest to save Emily. All there is left to do is to confront the loyalists, find out where Emily is and rescue Emily. The hero will confront the loyalists at the Hound Pits Pub. He must do a few things at the Hound Pits Pub including trying to find evidence of where Admiral Havelock is and trying to find the note left by Emily. This will guide the hero on how to do the above things and how to rescue Piero and Sokolov and then get Emily’s Tower Key to get into the old tower and signal Samuel with the flare gun.

Dishonored Rescue Piero and Sokolov at the Hound Pits Pub

This is really an optional quest when confronting the loyalists. However, it is hard to explain why one would abandon two of the Empire’s most brilliant men when one can go forth and rescue Piero and Sokolov.

From the sewers, emerge and speak to one of the servants left alive. Whether the rest of the servants are dead or alive depends on the hero’s chaos rating at this time. Learn that Admiral Havelock has turned on everyone and taken Emily somewhere. The hero must find the evidence left by Havelock in the Hounds Pit Pub and the note left by Emily in her room. Before doing these two main parts of the quest, go and rescue Piero and Sokolov.

Sneak and head up to the top floor of the Hound Pits Pub and look for a window in Emily / Corvo’s room. Head out and stealth move to an opening to the upper level of Piero’s lab. Enter and speak to Piero. He asks the hero to bring him a blueprint of the new arc pylon which when activated will either put the surrounding enemy loyalists to sleep or vaporize them to shreds. So head back out and blink back to the window which the hero used to get into Piero’s lab. Move to Havelock’s old room and grab the blueprint from the bucket in the room (see video below).

Now head back to Piero and give him the blueprint. Piero will ask the hero if he wants to vaporize the loyalists or put them to sleep. Choose your poison and proceed.

Go to the second floor of Piero’s lab , grab an empty whale oil tank, fill it up and head out. Now the hero needs to stealth move and go up a ramp to the area near the arc pylon. Do not throw the whale tank up, or it will break. Put the remaining whale tank (oil) into the pylon battery and it will be activated. Watch as the anticipated result unfolds.

Before the arc pylon works, it is necessary to stealth past the loyalist guards and tallmen, or put them down to achieve the above objectives.

Get Emily's Tower Key and Signal Samuel With the Flare Gun

After the arc pylon works, go downstairs to the Hound Pits Pub serving area and get Havelock’s note. Then go to the top floor and get Emily’s note. Emily’s notes tell the hero to get the tower key and use the flare gun to signal to Samuel. If the hero’s chaos rating is high, go to the courtyard before the pier and look for three bodies. One of the bodies will contain Emily’s tower key. Grab it and then blink up to the old tower. Enter and loot the room of goodies. Use the flare gun to signal Samuel. Go downstairs to meet Samuel.

It’s time to play out the Dishonored end game.


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