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Cinderella Toy Horse and Carriage Castle Playset

Updated on October 8, 2016

Princess and a Horse Carriage

Princess, Carriage, Horse and a Story
Princess, Carriage, Horse and a Story | Source

Cinderella Toy Horse and Carriage Inspire Imagination

Amongst Cinderella toys, young girls are excited about a Cinderella toy horse and carriage playset. Why? Princess, happiness, Cinderella carriage and horses are a girl's dream comes true. This story has been told and retold in different forms, for both children and adults. Its rich imagination is fascinating and I just never get tired of it. When I think of the younger ones, a nice play set on the Cinderella theme makes a great gift to someone special.

Among the most popular fairy themes, this Disney princess is definitely one of the favorites. She is not only beauty and graciousness. She also represents love, compassion, kindness and strength. She has had a harsh life, but she is always positive and she never gives up hope. Her far-from-nice step-mother and step-sisters can treat her as badly as they want but they cannot stop her dreams. She is well deserving of a happily-ever-after story ending with her prince charming!

I Hope that You Will Find What She Would Love to Have

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Lego Cinderella Carriage Set

LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Cinderella's Carriage 6153
LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Cinderella's Carriage 6153

This item has received excellent 5-star reviews. It is a gift ideal for girls aged 2 to 5 years.


Legos for Girls

Legos are for girls too, definitely not boys' privilege. Young girls would love to get their hands on a set.

This set has got excellent 5-star reviews and is ideal for younger girls aged 2 to 5 years. It is great for role play. It comes with a castle with tower and clock, pumpkin carriage and horse. The glass slipper and skirt are detachable.

As for all building blocks, this lego set is durable. The picture on the box is easy to follow. The nice miniature doll can get into the carriage or stand outside of it. She has a dress that can come on and off. The horse can be played with separately as it is easily detachable. The wheels on the carriage work well and so it is easy to move it about.

Inspiring Cinderella Transforming Carriage Doll


Carriage Into Pumpkin and Vise Versa


A Play Set for Those Who Love Fairytales


Lovely Transforming Doll Playset

Cinderella Transforming Carriage Doll Accessories
Cinderella Transforming Carriage Doll Accessories

This set inspires imagination to recreate favorite moments in the movie. Fans can help to turn this pumpkin into a magical carriage in 3 easy-to-follow steps. To transform a pumpkin Into a beautiful royal carriage, all you have to do is lift the vines to pop up the wheels, pull the cord to reveal the amazing carriage underneath, and connect the cord to the white horse's reins. The beautiful lady is then ready to join the ball!


Mattel Disney Princess Playset

Beautiful Coaches That Inspire Imagination and Play

The transformation is fun and it makes a nice decoration piece and inspiration for a girl's room!

Cinderalla Coach and Horse Playset

This Playset Comes with Pumpkin Coach and Royal Horse

Disney Princess Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin Coach w/Full-Size 12" Doll & Royal Horse
Disney Princess Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin Coach w/Full-Size 12" Doll & Royal Horse

How do you transform the coach? Simply turn the knob at the top. This comes with a full-size 12-inch doll, a full-size 12-inch horse, and mini Jaq & Gus-Gus mouse figures. The coach is about 15 inches tall and 16 inches long. 27" long when carriage and horse are assembled.


A Gift for the Little Princess

With a play set on this theme, with imagination, one can play with a pumpkin-turned-into-elegant-coach and the princess in her rag-turned-into-beautiful-dress.

As for gifts, I like to look for creativity and imagination. Hopefully there is one that you will find suitable.

In the gift sets listed here the Little Princess will have fun arriving at the royal ball with the Cinderella Horse and Elegant Carriage. You may want to indulge your princess!

All items are inspired by the classic Disney animated film, Cinderella.

Cinderalla Toys for Group Play at Family and Friends Gathering Time

When you are preparing for gatherings like dinner party nights or Christmas gatherings, it would be nice to prepare fun games for young children aged between 3 and 9. A castle playset of various Disney characters that kids are familiar enough with would be great. The kids will have a starting point to create their stories and play together. I have found the following play sets to that effect. After the gathering, your kids get to play the set again and again. It will take a long long time to wear them out of creativity.

The characters include Cinderalla and Prince, Beauty and the Beast, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, Frozen fairytale characters, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Mermaid Fairytale and figures etc. You may want to find out more below.

Disney Princess Ultimate Castle Suitable for Kids Aged 3 - 9


Could This Be Your Princess' Dream Castle?

I'm sure this castle will get lots of wows from the kids! A castle is a fun idea especially when you already have Cinderella and other dolls. The girls can create so many stories on their own while the adults will be free to do other things such as preparing for meals and entertaining guests.

Well, let me tell you a bit more about this castle. It is three stories tall with seven play areas and as you can see each room is themed to each of the Disney Princesses Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The set comes with their beloved character friends Lumière, Pascal and Suzy Mouse.

Note that Disney Princess dolls are sold separately. The rooms include Snow White’s kitchen and Belle’s elegant dining area. On the second floor, there is Ariel’s bathroom with a seashell tub, Sleeping Beauty’s Vanity and Cinderella’s sewing room.

Product origin is USA.

You Can Add Your Favorite Characters to A Castle Playset


Which Disney Characters Are Your Kids' Favorites?

The kids will be so excited to add their own favorite characters to the castle playset.

The Kids Can Play with Their Choice of Favorite Characters


The Little Mermaid Fairytale Character Figures


Cinderella Toys for My Princess

I hope that you have found the perfect Cinderella Toy for your princess!

The Best Disney Castle Playset for All To Play

Carriage or Castle?

Which Do You Think is a Better Idea for a Gift?

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I hope you have more ideas about what Cinderella toys to get and have found the right one(s). A carriage set is better for a one person playtime whereas a castle plus added favorite characters will be great for group play.

Please leave a comment on your quest for the right Cinderella gift! - Have you seen anything interesting?

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