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Disney Frozen Character Dolls: Kristoff, Hans, Olaf and Sven

Updated on June 12, 2014

Disney Frozen Character Dolls: Kristoff, Hans, Olaf and Sven

If you love Disney, you're in the right place! If you love their smash hit Frozen, then you're certainly in the right place. If you're looking for the character doll that go with the film, Frozen, then you are DEFINITELY in the right place!

Disney always have such wonderful characters, that make every fan who watches their film, own the dolls and toys to go with them. They're always so beautiful...and the Frozen dolls and figures are no exception.

On this page, I'm focusing on the male characters from the film. So if you like Kristoff, Hans, Olaf the Snowman and even Sven the Reindeer THIS is the place for you. But don't worry if you're looking for the Princess dolls, I've added a link right at the start to take you to another page I've made that is dedicated entirely to the two beautiful characters, Princess Anna and Princess Elsa.

I'm going to keep adding more toys and dolls (to do with the male characters) to this page as more become available. So click this page into your bookmarks, so you can keeping checking back.

To see the whole range of dolls for Disney's FROZEN, check out's page FULL of them, here right now!

Who doesn't love Olaf? He's just the sweetest character, with such a beautiful innocence. A funny little snowman, of the two children I know very well, Olaf is the one character they talk about ALL the time! It's easy to see why. I love Olaf too!

If you like this but you're looking for a smaller (9inch) Olaf doll, visit here now

So, which is your favourite character?

Who is your FROZEN hero?

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Well if this isn't the cutest little doll figure to come from Disney's Frozen, then I don't know what is! Sven the reindeer is on hand to help get you out of a squeeze. Looking just as detailed as he does in the film, this little soft toy will be perfect for anyone who prefers the animal side-kicks in the Disney films, rather than the human heroes themselves.

Did you know?...Sven the reindeer is amongst Disney's most popular animal character to date. Well, he's so cute it's hardly any surprise is it?

And if you're still loving Sven the reindeer, then you might like this little beanie version of the cute creature!

I can't wait for Disney to release a baby Sven reindeer toy - that would be amazing, wouldn't it?

Have you seen any of the FROZEN trailers yet?

You've probably seen these over and over, many times - well kick back, grab a coffee and spend some quality time with the magic of Frozen...go on, you know you want to...

Now you play act with the star hero, Kristoff!

Disney toy creators have really come into their own with this doll toy. They've really captured the rugged roughness, yet loveable quality that Kristoff has. He's the kinda guy men want to be...and women want to be with...I'm sure some men do too!

Kristoff IS such a hero - if he's not out trying to ice to the people who surrounded with snow - he's helping the darling Anna, get to her sister and try to bring back summer to the land!

On the cheaper side of Kristoff toys, this is the one for the child who likes to throw their toys around with wreckless abandon, and why not? One of the best things about this Kristoff doll, is that his top is painted on to the doll itself, making it easier to dress him up! A very nice touch from the Frozen toy makers!

This is the perfect doll to go with any Anna doll that you might have already...or why not get this, and treat yourself to another Anna doll...heck, get an Elsa too - you can never have enough FROZEN in your life, right?

Now, I don't want to give away any spoilers...but my opinion of Hans was very mixed. He seems like a nice guy, but he also seems like a bad guy...with a nail biter ending, we learn whether or not Hans can save Anna...hmmmm or has her heart been frozen??

*SPOILER ALERT* Ok, I can't contain it any longer...could Hans be the most hated Disney villain yet? He has a real evil streak, and is ready to get what he wants! Hans is worth adding to your doll collection for the simple reason: you can buy him, and lock him up in your doll prison to rot, and for all the other dolls to gloat and serve him right. How awesome would it be for your Frozen dolls to be having fun, out in the open - with Hans locked up serving his dues, for being the biggest Disney creep since Jafar!

Frozen Story Playset - including Olaf and Sven

Mattel Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Mattel Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Perhaps you're looking to get more than one character, but need an affordable way to do it? Then this is the option for you!


Frozen 6-Piece Figure Set - including Olaf and Sven

Disney Frozen 6 pc Figurine Figure Set Sven, Hans, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf
Disney Frozen 6 pc Figurine Figure Set Sven, Hans, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf

This playset is perfect - you have all the major characters in one place to re-enact all your favourite moment from Disney's biggest success of all time! All 6 characters in one place? Amazing!


Even more FROZEN items on Amazon for you to check out!

What do you love best about FROZEN?

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