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Disney's Frozen: Olaf

Updated on February 22, 2014

Disney's Breakthrough Character: Olaf the Snowman

Two words to describe Olaf: cheerful and summer! =)

Olaf, the lovable snowman first created by Princess Elsa when she was young. Princess Elsa and Princess Anna love playing with Olaf who gives them warm hugs. And years later, he came back in their lives as a hero to save Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Arendelle.

Kids really adore Olaf's cute antics, sometimes he's just like a little playful kid who enjoys playing around. Although sometimes his body falls apart, but he cheerfully re-assembles himself again. Cute. Many times we need this kind of character in our lives. A bit of fun & laughter plus positive thinking will cheer up our lives. =)

Photo Credit: Amazon

About Olaf (contains spoiler)

Olaf is a hero with a big heart, warm hugs and huge orange nose (a carrot). He treats many new things as valuable experiences, his positive thinking is the reason why I fall in love with him.

A snowman without a skull nor bones, together with Princess Anna, Krisoff and Sven; they're racing against the time to break the icy curse.

Nobody really expect a snowman to be a hero, especially because he breaks down very easily. But no need to worry, he's not breakable! He never gives up and strives his best to protect his friends. He stays behind to fight with the monster to buy time for his friends. He saves dyring Princess Anna despite his life is in danger (from melting!). He's the messenger of peace & love - he helps reuniting Queen Elsa & Princess Anna and remind them about the true love.

A hero who thinks about others first than himself. A hero with a cute (but seemingly impossible) dream. A hero who (with the help of Queen Elsa) has his dream comes true.

Photo credit: Disney Frozen FB

When I watched this scene in the cinema, I really wanted to hug Olaf and tell him that it's okay to have an impossible dream and imagine it comes to reality on his own imagination. Just like Princess Anna, I also didn't want to tell him that would happen when summer really comes. It's a bitter reality for a snowman because no snowman can live during summer, they'll be melting.

I really adore Olaf's innocence and was really happy when Queen Elsa magically put a small cloud over him so he'll be cold and able to enjoy summer days like everyone else.

When life gets rough, I like to hold on to my dream

— Olaf

My Favorite Olaf Toys

Disney Frozen Olaf Doll
Disney Frozen Olaf Doll

A very cute Frozen Olaf Doll by Mattel which reminds us of Olaf in the movie. You can twist his body, take him apart, and re-assemble him back. Interactive doll which will bring lots of laughter at your home.

Disney Olaf Singing Plush - Frozen - Medium - 10 1/2''
Disney Olaf Singing Plush - Frozen - Medium - 10 1/2''

Aww it looks like Olaf is enjoying a hot summer day with cool sunglasses and straw hat.

This cuddly plush toy can also talk & sing "In Summer" song. Cute

OLAF'S 1-2-3
OLAF'S 1-2-3

12 pages glitter board educational book about our favorite snowman, Olaf. Learn to count 1-10 with him

Big Snowman, Little Snowman (Disney Frozen) (Step into Reading)
Big Snowman, Little Snowman (Disney Frozen) (Step into Reading)

Step into reading is designed for young children to help them with their reading exercises / how to read. The perfect educational book for Frozen movie lovers.

Disney Frozen Exclusive Olaf Cup with Straw
Disney Frozen Exclusive Olaf Cup with Straw

Olaf doesn't look too happy here. Maybe because he wants you to take him home =)

Disney Frozen Create Your Own Valentine Mailbox and 32 Cards Olaf
Disney Frozen Create Your Own Valentine Mailbox and 32 Cards Olaf

Create your own Olaf-inspired Valentine's Card for your loved ones. Unleash your creativity.


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