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Bring The Show Home With Disney Sofia the First Figurine Playset

Updated on May 29, 2013

Disney Store Exclusive Sofia the First Figurine Playset

If you are looking for a truly unique collectible or toy from Disney's Sofia the First, then this is it.

Take a look at this cool figurine playset from the popular Disney Junior television show. If you can manage to find the complete set, you end up with all of the main characters from the Disney show.

This new cute playset is selling out at EVERY Disney store. Fortunately, there are a few people selling it online so you can still find it if you know where to look. Which is awesome because I love it and if you do not already have it then I highly suggest you that start looking for it right now!

Take a look below to see where to buy the Sophia the First figurine playset.

images via Disney & Amazon

Sofia the First 6 Pc Figurine Playset - Buy Sophia the First 6 Pc Figurine Playset

Get all of the figures in this one playset - while supplies last!! It was really hard for me to find this one, so I hope you can get it while you can! Whether you are collecting this set or buying it for one of your kids to play with, it will be a great purchase.

Buy the Sofia the First 6 Pc Figurine Playset on eBay - Look for Sophia the First Figurine Playset on eBay

If you cannot find this playset anywhere, then I suggest checking out some of the auctions on eBay. This is actually where I bought my set when I could not find it anywhere else. Based on my experience, I would say to be sure that you check the cost of shipping and the feedback rating of the seller before you make the purchase. And note that some of the listings are buy-it-now, which means you pay the amount listed, but others are auction style where you have to bid against other people.

Also keep in mind that the only way that you can pay for your purchase on the site is with a PayPal account. So, be sure to sign up for one if you do not already have one for yourself.

Individual Characters

Individual Sofia the First Figurines

Buy Individual Sophia the First Figurines

If you are not really interested in collecting all of the figurines, then I have some good news for you. Guess what? You can buy each individual piece that you want to collect! How cool is that? My SIL likes to only collect certain pieces like this too.

Disney Sofia the First Exclusive 3 inch PVC Figurine JamesMORE INFO

Disney Sofia the First Exclusive 2 inch PVC Figurine CloverMORE INFO

Disney Sofia the First Exclusive 3 inch PVC Figurine Mia, Poppy & SquirrelMORE INFO

Disney Sofia the First Exclusive 3.5 inch PVC Figurine Flora, Fauna & MerryweatherMORE INFO

More Sofia the First Figurines on Amazon - Buy More Sophia the First Figurines on Amazon

Again, if you cannot find the single character figures from this playset anywhere else, then check out the selection here. As you can see, shopping on the web gives you access to the single character figures right at your finger tips.

Shop for More Great Toys on Amazon

If you like the figures and the playset up above, then you will want to check out the rest of the selection online on Amazon. Be sure to start your search with the items listed down below. You can click on any image to get more info. Or, enter in your own search to see custom results right now!

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