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Disposable Cigarette Lighters

Updated on August 18, 2009

As every smoker will tell you, having a large supply of cigarette lighters is crucial because first of all, you will lose your lighter. This is guaranteed to happen. Even if you have happen to hold onto you disposable cigarette lighter, and keep careful track of where you used it, and where you put it afterwards, you will eventually lend it to a friend who innocuously put your lighter into their pocket and walk away leaving you without a cigarette lighter.

It used to be that every time you bought a pack of cigarettes, the clerk at the convenience store would offer you a book of matches to go with your purchase, and in fact, even looked oddly disappointed when you declined to take some matches. This is because matches used to be a viable and common method of advertising, since a smoker would use the book of matches all day, in front of friends, neighbors and countless strangers to to mention anyone who wanted to bum a cigarette, and therefore a match.

Disposable Cigarette lighters

These are from a common brand of disposable cigarette lighters.
These are from a common brand of disposable cigarette lighters.

Disposable Cigarette Lighters: A look at Zippos

Of course, if by some miracle you are able to keep your lighter with you, either by tethering it to your body with a string of some kind, or perhaps if you want to go more high tech then you can put a GPS locator beacon in your lighter that activates whenever it leaves you, and allows you to track down the fiend who just “stole” your lighter, then you may want to consider a specialty lighter rather than continue to spend money on disposable cigarette lighters.

The most famous brand of non disposable cigarette lighters is the Zippo lighter. The Zippo has been around since 1932 and was invented by a man named Blaisdell in Bradfored, Pennsylvania. George Blaisdell chose the name Zippo because...well...he thought it was a cool name. Zippo's come in many different colors and styles but all retain the same basic shape and all come with the marketing tool that was utterly genius – the lifetime warranty. Everyone through old George was a bit soft in the head when the company said they would replace the Zippo for free, which seemed a little like offering a lifetime warranty on a pen or pencil, or anything else that people use and lose frequently, but ole George must have known something that the naysayers didn't, because he made a fortune selling Zippos.

The Business End of a Disposable Cigarette Lighter

The direct result of a disposable cigarette lighter.
The direct result of a disposable cigarette lighter.

Disposable Cigarette Lighters: Buy Them In Bulk

Of course, if you are going to go with disposable cigarette lights then you may want to consider getting them in bulk. There are many websites that sell lighters in bulk, and in fact, places like Sam's Club, Big Lots and Costco carry disposable cigarette lighters in bulk as well.


Disposable Cigarette Lighters: Baywatch Babes Can Light Your Fire

If you want to spend a bit more for disposable cigarette lighters then you can sometimes get specialty lighters that, while they are still disposable, come in odd shapes, sizes of colors so that you can easily distinguish between your lighter and the ones that your friends are carying. Some of these include multi-colored or rainbow wrap around the lighter, designs from movies like Indiana Jones or Star Wars or if you prefer more adult themes the Playboy Bunny or perhaps Hasselhoff with his shirt off.

Your last option is you want to spend the minimal amount of money on disposable cigarette lighters but still want something unique and specific to you, is to get a lighter case. This will allow you to change our your disposable cigarette lighters whenever they are empty and put a fresh one in, but without sacrificing your own personal style!


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