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Divinity Dragon Commander Research Level Up Guide

Updated on August 10, 2013

In Divinity Dragon Commander, the hero needs to do research to upgrade or level up his troops and possess more powerful troops with better abilities. The hero himself is a dragon knight, and can morph into the dragon. Research by his archmage Maxos will allow the dragon to level up and master skills that will help the dragon and his troops triumph in the face of adversity on the battlefield. This will provide a guide on the dragon research and unit research level up guide.

Divinity Dragon Commander Unit Level Up Guide

Divinity Dragon Commander Troop Unit Research Upgrade Guide
Divinity Dragon Commander Troop Unit Research Upgrade Guide

The unit research levels may be divided into the basic, advanced, expert and master levels. The advanced, expert and master levels can only be mastered as the storyline progresses. Research depends on research points, and these are accumulated each turn and then spent to level up and upgrade the units.

The basic unit research level allows for the following technologies to be produced (requires 5 research points each) –

  • Grenadier – needed for airborne enemies, will be produced by the battle forge in battle scenarios.
  • Trooper – mass produce large numbers for these to overwhelm the enemies. A battle forge unit.
  • Shaman – needed to heal and repair own units. A battle forge unit.
  • Warlock – can cast spells in battles. These warlocks, when armed with the right upgrades (see below) can turn a battle on its heels, even when the hero’s forces appear overwhelmed initially. A battle forge unit.
  • Hunter – fast vehicles which uses a chain firing gun to take down enemies. A war factory unit.
  • Transport – needed to carry troops across water. The transport units are needed heavily for the second act. A shipyard unit.
  • Anti-Air Turret – allows for construction of anti-air turrets which can fire rockets at flying enemies. Can also be used to detect cloaked units.
  • Grenadier Imp Binoculars – increases the grenadier’s attack range.
  • Trooper Enhanced Engines – allows troopers to travel much faster compared to their average speed.
  • Trooper Spoils of War – allows for troopers to take over enemy buildings. More troopers mean enemy buildings are taken over faster.
  • Warlock Cloak – the warlock becomes invisible for some time.
  • Zeppelin Fly, My Flaming Pretties – fires fire-bats at a target
  • Juggernaut Imp Backup – Juggernauts now build imp fighters to help them in battle.
  • Ironclad Revelation – unmasks cloaked enemy units in a given radius.
  • Armour Public Transportation – allows armours to transport troopers and grenadiers.
  • Transport Minesweeper – automatically cleans up nearby sea mines left by enemy ships.

The advanced unit research level allows for the following technologies to be produced (requires 10 research points each) –

  • Ironclad – a sea unit that excels in naval battles. A shipyard unit.
  • Armour – land units that have a powerful cannon for damaging slower enemies and destroying enemy buildings. A war factory unit.
  • Zeppelin – air units that can bombard enemies and increase the firing range of friendly units in the locality. An aerofactory unit.
  • Mortar Turret – these will bombard enemy units over great distances.
  • Warlock Meet the Beetles – warlocks cast a spell that transform enemies into beetles for some time. Beetles are quite ineffective in battle.

  • Devastator Enhanced Engines – allows devastator to travel much faster than their original speed.
  • Grenadier Enhanced Explosives – grenadiers have powerful rockets that damage all enemies within a certain radius.
  • Grenadier Chemical Warfare – grenadiers shoot hazardous poison at the enemy unit that causes continuous damage and spreads to nearby units until healed or cured.
  • Trooper for the Empire – troopers become objects of self destruction, causing a lot of damage to units in their localities when they explode.
  • Armour Short Sharp Shock – a massive shockwave is created which damages light units within a certain area.
  • Transport Cloak – transport disappears for a period of time. Great for travelling in the open sea when the waterways is chocked with lots of enemies naval units.
  • Shaman Immunity – damage for friendly units are reduced for some time.
  • Ironclad Deploy – Ironclads deploy sea mines that are cloaked. These explode when an enemy sails close to them.
  • Hunter Revelation – hunters can now unmask cloaked enemy units within a certain range.

The expert unit research level allows for the following technologies to be produced (requires 20 research points each) –

  • Devastator – these machines of destruction can create massive amounts of damage. A war factory unit.
  • Imp fighter – these flying units are the fighter planes of divinity dragon commander, being able to attack sea forces and ground units as well. An aerofactory unit.
  • Devastator Besiege – Devastator loses their mobility but replace that with a greater attack range and damage over a larger area.
  • Imp Fighter Bombs Away – Imp fighters are now able to attack ground and sea targets.
  • Warlock Death From Above – warlocks can summon a rain of meteors to destroy an area.
  • Zeppelin Mustard Gas – the zeppelin drops a bomb that creates a radiation cloud over an area.
  • Juggernaut Imp Binoculars – the Juggernaut’s attack range is increased by a certain amount.
  • Bomber Balloon Mine High Club – these can now deploy hovering mines that target enemies that come in range of the mines.
  • Bomber Balloon Revelation – these can unmask hidden enemy units within a given area.
  • Hunter A Bird in the Hand – Hunters now have rocket pods which allow them to attack air units.
  • Armour You’re Mine – Armours can deploy ground mines that automatically cloak, and then they explode when enemies come too close.
  • Transport For the Empire – the transport sets a course for self-destruction, moving towards an enemy and then exploding when it is near.
  • Shaman Cripple – shamans can paralyze targets and enemy units within a given area.

The master unit research level allows for the following technologies to be produced (requires 40 research points each) –

  • Bomber Balloon – balloons that move slowly towards enemies, but when they reach them, they explode and destroy the enemies. An Aerofactory unit.
  • Juggernaut – the heaviest and mightiest of the naval units. Untold naval or coastline destruction guaranteed. A shipyard unit.
  • Juggernaut Deploy – an imp bunker buster is deployed which allows the juggernaut to rain destruction anywhere on the map.
  • Bomber Balloon Enhanced Explosives – the bombs dropped by bomber balloons explode with more force and damages more enemies.
  • Ironclad On Guard – Ironclads now have lasers which can shoot down incoming projectiles.
  • Imp Fighter War of Attrition – imp fighters damage and slow enemies down.
  • Devastator On the Double – allows devastator to fire two rounds in quick successions. Double the attack but less damage.
  • Hunter Teleportation – hunters can teleport to friendly targets.
  • Shaman Charm – shamans can convert enemy units to fight on the hero’s side.
  • Zeppelin Fog of War – zeppelins can now cloak themselves and friendly units, allowing for invisibility for a given period of time.

Divinity Dragon Commander Dragon Level Up Guide

Divinity Dragon Commander Dragon Research Upgrade
Divinity Dragon Commander Dragon Research Upgrade

Divinity Dragon Commander Dragon Research

The hero can morph into the dragon on the battlefield. The dragon will become more powerful when more research points are invested into the dragon morphed form. The dragon’s skills are divided into basic skills, advanced skills, expert skills and master skills.

The basic dragon skills (requires 5 research points to upgrade or level up) are –

  • Soar – permanently increases the speed of flight of the dragon.
  • Advance! – all units in the radius of the dragon increase movement speed for some time.
  • Inspire – increase the firing rate and speed of a unit.
  • Ray of Power – the dragon fires a beam at a friendly unit or allied dragon, increasing its damage somewhat.
  • Aegis – the dragon grants a single unit a damage reduction and immunity to negative status effects.
  • Purifying Flames – the dragon fires restorative charges at his unit, restoring hit points.
  • Rejuvenation – the dragon’s passive health regeneration is improved by a certain amount.
  • Blood Leech – when the dragon damages an enemy, some of the damage gets added to one’s life force.

The advanced dragon skills (requires 10 research points to upgrade or level up) are –

  • Salvation – heals the dragon for a certain amount of life force.
  • Aura of Restoration – the dragon’s aura restores all friendly units by a certain amount of hit points per second.
  • Berserker Roar – the dragon “inspires” all friendly units in a certain area to go berserk, increasing their firing rate, but also the damage they take.
  • Unveil – all cloaked enemies in a certain area around the dragon become visible.
  • Cleansing Charge – fire a purifying charge at a friendly target, removing all negative status effects.
  • Friends with Benefits – the dragon casts a shield on another ally dragon or unit, reducing the damage inflicted by a certain amount. The hero’s dragon is also healed at the same time.
  • Sabotage – the dragon disables the primary functionality of an enemy unit or building.
  • Chameleon Hide – the dragon disappears completely out of sight for some time.
  • Acid Blaze – the dragon’s fireballs become acid balls, causing lasting damage on the dragon.

The expert dragon skills (requires 20 research points to upgrade or level up) are –

  • Aura of frailty – the dragon creates a debuffing aura around the dragon, reducing the fire range of enemy units somewhat.
  • Breaching Fire – the dragon’s fireball attacks cause more damage to dragons, medium and heavy units for some time.
  • Bastion – the dragon casts a shield around himself, preventing negative effects and damage reduction.
  • Devastation – permanently increase the damage of the dragon’s primary attack.
  • Scales of Steel – permanently decreases the damage to the dragon by a certain amount.
  • Dread Roar – paralyzes enemy units in an area with fear for a period of time.
  • Charm – charms an enemy unit so that it fights on the dragon’s side.
  • Mass Restoration – heals a friendly target and all friendly units around the dragon.

The master dragon skills (requires 40 research points to upgrade or level up) are –

  • Aura of Annihilation – increases damage done to friendly units in a certain radius around the hero.
  • Crippling Roar – reduces the primary functionality of enemy units around the dragon.
  • Pillar of Restoration – the dragon creates a pillar of restoration which heals friendly units coming close to that pillar.
  • Eye of the Patriarch – the dragon releases a single, devastating ball of fury that explodes on impact and causes a lot of damge.
  • Pillar of Flame – the dragon unleashes a pillar of flame that casts fireballs around it, causing damage to the units around it.
  • Call of Valour – the dragon’s roars inspires friendly units to increase their armour and damage output.


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