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Divinity Original Sin Level Up Guide

Updated on December 27, 2014

Divinity Original Sins Level Up Guide

In Divinity Original Sin, the gamer is given the control of two characters, with the addition of more characters (NPCs) later on. Leveling up of the characters is very important in that different characters will have a different niche within the party and the combined skills of the characters will produce a synergistic effect in defeating the enemies and producing fireworks and ensuring enjoyable gameplay. This will guide the heroes on how to distribute the points on level up and create the above party.

Divinity Original Sin Classes Guide

At the beginning, the heroes will be given a choice of classes -

  • knight
  • wizard
  • warrior
  • survivor
  • rogue
  • cleric

At creation, the knight has the following skills -

  • Encourage - encourage allies around the knight.
  • Rush - rush in a straight line, hitting everything in the knight's path.
  • Fear - make enemies around the knight flee and cower.

The wizard is a must have for this obsessive gamer. The wizard has the following skills -

  • Teleportation - throws a character high up into the air and drop him onto the ground.
  • Healing - heals target over several turns.
  • Firebolt - fires firebolt projectiles at the enemies. These firebolts have a chance of knocking down and burning the enemies.

The warrior has the following skills -

  • Crushing Fist - knocks a character down.
  • Dust Devil - allows the warrior to spin around and hit all adjacent enemies.
  • Power Stance - improves the damage of regular melee attacks but decreases chances to hit. The attacks will cause extra action points.

The survivor has the following skills -

  • Tactical Retreat - allows the survivor to jump of of a hazardous situation, leaving a smokescreen.
  • Precision Stance - improves the survivor's chance to hit with regular ranged attacks, but decreases damage. Attacks will cause extra action points.
  • Barrage - fire multiple arrows in a straight line.

The cleric has the following skills -

  • Lower Resistance - lowers resistances of enemies around the cleric.
  • Minor Heal - heals target over several turns.
  • Purifying Fire - allows the cleric to remove all statuses and shields from a target.

The rogue has the following skills. One of the great skills for the rogue is the back stab skill. Creep up behind the villain and then execute the back stab command. Other skills include -

  • Silence - prevents a character from using any spells or scrolls.
  • Lockpick - allows one to open a lock.
  • Minor Charm - charms a character into becoming an ally.

Divinity Original Sin Character Creation Guide

The attributes are -

  • Strength - this determines the hero's chance to hit with strength based weapons, and determines how much the hero can carry and which items the heroes can lift.
  • Dexterity - this determines the hero's chance to hit with dexterity based weapons.
  • Intelligence - this determines how many abilities points the hero gain per level. It will also boost the damage of elemental spells and reduces the amount of action points used for skills.
  • Constitution - this determines how much vitality the hero will have and how many action points the hero recovers per turn.
  • Speed - this determines the hero's movement speed, initiative and how many action points the hero receives at the start of combat.
  • Perception - this determines the hero's critical chance, ability to detect traps and the hero's accuracy when shooting over large distances.

At the beginning, each hero will have 5 attribute points to level up or distribute into the attributes. Some of the attribute points will have already been distributed into the above stats to emphasize certain characteristics for the hero. For example, the wizard will have high intelligence, moderate constitution and speed.

Divinity Original Sin Abilities Level Up Guide

As each character levels up, they will be given a number of ability points. Each ability point can be put into each category as shown below. The gamer can thus level up the characters to become specialists in certain areas, such as fire magic elementalist, or a two handed warrior specialist and so on.

The abilities are divided into the following categories -


  • Way of the Warrior - at level 1, natural armor is increased. At level 2, vitality is increased. At level 3, warrior skills have 1 turn less cooldown. At level 4, magic resistance is increased 10%. At level 5, action points are increased by +4.
  • Single handed - this increases damage when using single handed weapons.
  • Two handed - this increases damage when using two handed weapons.
  • Black rock - this increases damage when using blackrock weapons.
  • Shield specialist - this increases damage when using shields.
  • Armor specialist - this increases armor rating and decreases armor movement penalty.
  • Repair - determines the hero's ability to repair items.


  • Sourcery
  • Telekinesis - determines the range and size of items the heroes can move telepathically.
  • Willpower - increases mental defenses and concentration whilst casting spells.
  • Fire elementalism - increases power of fire spells; is required to learn new fire spells.
  • Air elementalism - increases power of air spells; is required to learn new air spells.
  • Water elementalism - increases power of water spells; is required to learn new water spells.
  • Earth elementalism - increases power of earth spells; is required to learn new earth spells.


  • Way of the ranger - At level 1, sight is increased by + 8. At level 2, ranged weapon range is increased by +5. At level 3, initiative is increased by 5. At level 4, ranged weapons cost 1 less AP to use. At level 5, 25% chance to recover the hero's arrow.
  • Bow - increases damage when using bows.
  • Crossbow - increases damage when using crossbows.
  • Reflexes - determines the hero's chance to dodge attacks.
  • Sneaking - determines the hero's chance to sneak without getting caught.
  • Lockpicking - determines which locks the hero can pick.
  • Pickpocketing - determines how well the hero can steal without getting caught.
  • Loremaster - allows one to identify enemies and magic the hero encounters.
  • Crafting - determines what one can craft and the quality of the hero's crafted items.
  • Crafting


  • Barter - determines the hero's haggling skills with traders.
  • Charm - determines how good the hero is at charming in dialogues.
  • Intimidate - determines how good the hero is at intimidating in dialogues.
  • Reason - determines how good the hero is at reasoning in dialogues.
  • Charisma - determines the first impression the hero has on everybody.
  • Leadership - will give party members in your vicinity various boosts.
  • Lucky charm - determines the hero's overall luck.

Divinity Original Sin Talents Level Up Guide

In addition, as the hero levels up, he will given points to add to certain talents.

The talents are -

  • Spook - improves the hero's telekinetic abilities.
  • Tinkerer - improves the hero's ability to brew potions, mix potions, craft weapons, forge pieces of armor, etc.
  • Sidewinder - decreases the penalty when flanked.
  • Opportunist - improves the hero's ability to perform attacks of opportunity.
  • Assassin - allows one to backstab enemies with weapons other than a knife.
  • Trader's Tongue - improves the hero's bartering techniques.
  • Cat Burglar - improves the hero's aptitude at picking locks.
  • Marksman - improves the hero's chances to hit an opponent with a ranged weapon in battle.
  • Gladiator - improves one chances to hit an opponent with melee weapons in battle.
  • Warlord - improves the overall damage by 10%
  • Fleetfooted - increases the number of action points.
  • Rosy-cheeked - increases the number of action points in total.
  • Killer Instinct - increases the chance to land critical hits by 5%.
  • Indestructible - increases the hero's armor rating.
  • Eagle Eyes - improves the impact of perception by 50% in your line of sight.
  • Braveheart - improves the ability to resist fear by 50%.
  • Stand Your Ground - improves the ability to resist knockdown by 50%.
  • Lightning Rod - increases your ability to resist stun attacks by 50%.
  • Mithridates - increases your ability to resist poison by 50%.
  • Silver tongued - increases your ability to resist being silenced by 50%.
  • Comeback Kid - when a blow is supposed to have killed a hero, instead he makes a comeback!
  • Packmule - increases the amount of weight the hero can carry.
  • Catapult - increases the distance the hero can throw objects and how heavy the objects are.
  • Grease Monkey - improves the hero's ability to repair damaged items.
  • Quick-witted - increases the rate at which the hero gains experience by 10%.
  • Bigger and Better - gives the hero 1 extra stat point to spend.
  • All Skilled Up - gives the hero 2 extra skill points to spend.
  • My Precious - makes the durability of weapons and armor the hero uses decrease 75% more slowly.
  • Sixth Sense - increases the hero's ability to hear and spot hidden things in and out of combat.
  • Picture of Health - increases the hero's hitpoints by 20%.
  • Pyromaniac - improves the casting of fire based spells.
  • Rainman - improves the casting ability of water based spells.
  • Tempest - improves the casting ability of air based spells.
  • Geomancer - improves the casting ability of earth based spells.
  • Prince Charming - improves the ability to charm people during dialogs.
  • Bully - improves the ability to intimidate people during dialogs.
  • Rhetorician - improves the ability to reason with people during dialogs.
  • Fortune's Favourite - increases your overall luck.
  • Leader of the Pack - increases the hero's initiative by 5 at the onset of combat.
  • Dress Rehearsal - halves the amount of action points it takes to equip different items during combat.
  • Pussyfooter - makes the hero less prone to be detected whilst performing suspicious acts.
  • Pet Pal - enables the hero to converse with animals.

Divinity Original Sin Level Up Party

Level up the fighter fire wizard's fire elementalism ability.
Level up the fighter fire wizard's fire elementalism ability.

Divinity Original Sin Phoenix Dive

Phoenix Dive has more devastating effect on the enemies with level up of the fire elementalism ability.
Phoenix Dive has more devastating effect on the enemies with level up of the fire elementalism ability.

Divinity Original Sin Level Up Party - an example

This party is based on a fire wizard and a rogue. Later two NPCs, Madora (found at the inn) and Jahan (found at the library at the mayor's mansion) can be allowed to join the party in Cyreal.

This initial level up guide is geared towards the above characters. To create a party of fire magic using pure wizard, with a sneaky backstabbing rogue and complemented by a fire magic using fighter in Madora and a water magic using wizard, level up points should be distributed to maximize the strengths of each character.

  • Wizard - add ability points to fire elementalism, and add stat points to intelligence, constitution and speed, and add talent points to Pyromaniac.
  • Rogue - add ability points to sneaking, and add stat points to dexterity, speed and perception, and add talent points to thief related talents such as Assassin. Ranged attack ability points such as bow should also be considered.
  • Madora - add ability points to fire elementalism and two handed weapons, and add stat points to strength, intelligence, constitution and speed. Sneaking should be considered too.
  • Jahan - add ability points to water elementalism and stat points to intelligence and perception.

In this way, Madora will be the fire based vanguard who can sneak into the middle of a battle. Then launch a devastating phoenix dive and then allow the other party members to join in the fight.


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