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DIY Drinkin' Jenga Game

Updated on December 3, 2012


Do you regularly get together and drink a few cold beverages with some friends? Need something "different" so it's not another one of those same place, same people, same story telling, kind of night? Then you are definitely in need of some fun entertainment that is sure to make good memories. Everyone likes to play a good drinking game with their buddies every now and then, and I know just the game that will become one of your new favorites.

[[Yes the photo on the left is my own. I drew it all by hand and made it for the Drinkin' Jenga game I had newly made. I glued it to the outside of my Jenga box, and couldn't be more proud of how it turned out.]]

What You Will Need

Drinking Jenga is so simple to make. And there's only TWO things you will need to do so.

  1. Ordinary "Jenga" Game (or a knock-off "Jenga" game - best if the top and bottom of tiles are blank)

    -- Buying the game brand new will cost a $20 bill. But remember, it can be played again and again.

    -- Wal-Mart carries the game, and I would think Target and K-Mart would as well.

    -- A bit of advice, in the future, keep your eyes open for "used" Jenga games at garage sales, flea markets, etc. They are usually pretty cheap that way. You know how long a deck of cards lasts for drinking games, drunks are certain to lose a Jenga tile or two at some point, so that way you will have a spare game stored away.

  2. 1 Sharpie Marker

    -- Normal size, not too big or too small

    -- A dark color is probably best

  3. If you don't want to mess with having to make your own Drinking Jenga game, or simply don't have the spare time... There is a legit "Drinking Jenga" game that you can buy. I have not seen them in a store, but I know you can purchase them online. If you don't mind paying a little more than what you would if you made your own game, and you are fine with following their set rules, then buying one is worth it.

Making The Tiles

On each of the 56 tiles, you are going to write a single word, or a short two/three word phrase. These will indicate a certain rule or action that players must follow. And the best part is that you get to choose what you want each of these to be, personalizing the game to your satisfaction. The tile word/s can best be thought of as the "Title" for its corresponding rule/action. After you read a few of my examples, this will make more sense.

--Tile Word/Word Phrase - Feel free to use some of my tile examples, or use your own original ideas. I encourage that you come up with at least a few of your own unique tile ideas, and I would enjoy reading about them in the comment box at the bottom of the page. Sounds simple, but thinking of 56 different tile word/s and rules that will satisfy you and other players, quickly becomes a challenge. An important principle to remember and obey in the making of your tiles is: "Only make tile rules that you would follow and feel comfortable performing in front of the other players."

This isn't required, but I recommend writing your tiles and what their rules are down on a piece of paper. Basically like instructions, the first few times you play, it helps to have something to look back to for those tiles you forget the rule to.

--Tile Making - You will write one word or short word phrases on each of the game tiles with a sharpie marker. It's best if the tile word/s are neat, with medium sized hand-writing, and relatively in the center on only one side of the tile.The idea is that, when a player draws a tile from the tower, the word/s should be facing towards the floor, so the player can not read it until the tile is completely drawn.

--Once you've wrote on each tile, you're game is ready to go!

((Some people choose to write the entire rule or action on each of the tiles instead. Write small though, or you will run out of room on the tile. Do whichever tile style that you prefer.))

Tile Ideas - Be Creative

These are a few ideas for tile words or short word phrases, and their rules.

  • DRINK - Give 1 drink to any player
  • TAKE - Take 1 drink
  • RULE - Make any rule that all players, including you, must follow for the remainder of the game. Every time a player is caught breaking the rule, they must take 1 drink
  • TUMBLE - Do a somersault on the floor. Then give 3 drinks to any player.
  • THUMB MASTER - You are thumb master. At any time during the remainder of the game, you can put your thumb on the table without warning any of the other players, and the last player to put their thumb on the table must take 1 drink.
  • McEVERYONE - For the rest of the game, all players, including you, must refer to everyone as Mc________ and then their name. (Ex: McDerek)
  • BATTLE OF THE SEXES - All players whose gender is opposite of yours must take 1 drink
  • BEER LIST - Someone keeps time, and you have 30 seconds to name as many different kinds of beers as you can. However many you name, you give out that many drinks to any of the players. (these are split up and given to players of your choice)
  • BOTTOMS UP! - All players, excluding you, must finish their drink.
  • EYE FOR AN EYE - For the rest of the game, every time a drink is given to any player, you must take that many drinks also. (Ex: Isaac gives Jesse 2 drinks, Jesse must take 2 drinks, and you must take 2 drinks also.)
  • Swap - If there are more than 3 players, you must choose a player, can't be the ones directly beside you, and trade seats with them. (You sit where they were sitting, and they sit where you were sitting) This is your new seat for the rest of the game. Rotation continues with the player whose turn would have been next before the swap was made.
  • I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE - Continuing in the same circular rotation, you have one try to guess the color of each player's underwear. After each guess, if incorrect you must take 1 drink, if you are correct then the other player must take 2 drinks. And any player who is commando (underwearless) takes 5 drinks.
  • IMPRESSION - Do your best impression of one of the other players. If majority of players think you did well, give out 2 drinks. If they didn't think it was good, take 2 drinks.
  • THIEF - Without asking or feeling the amount, choose another player's drink, and finish it for them.
  • PEER PRESSURE - You must take the same amount of drinks as the number of players playing the game. Don't forget to count yourself. (Ex: 5 players = 5 drinks)

Game Play Rules

Let's get this party started!

Before you begin playing, be sure to inform all the players of these game rules and any "house rules" you want to add. If there are any rules you don't like, well it's your game, simply don't use them, or edit them to your liking.

Absolutely NOOO going pee during the game. If a player forgets or they can't hold it, they must chug an entire drink when they return, or they are OUT until a new game is started.

The game is played going in a circular rotation. (unless told otherwise by a tile rule)

Players must only use one hand to pull a tile from the tower. Likewise if they "fix" the tower. Each time a player is caught using two hands, they must take 2 drinks.

After a player draws a tile, they must follow the rule or action immediately unless told otherwise, then place their tile on the very top of the tower to end their turn. Play continues to the next player in rotation.

If a player completely refuses to follow the rule or action of a tile that they have drawn, they must take 5 drinks, put tile on the top of the tower, and draw again. Players can't refuse two tiles in a row, or they are OUT until a new game is started.

Game is over when a player causes the tower to fall over, and they must chug an entire drink for doing so. If a player bumps the table causing the tower to fall, even if it's not their turn, they must chug an entire drink.

Your comments are definitely wanted and are very much appreciated!!

Guest Comments - Please & Thank You

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    • profile image

      Jeremy Wolf 

      4 years ago

      Great game for illuminating a party or small gathering! I've played many times, it's a fun game that's inexpensive and can break the ice between new friends or family. My custom tiles: Waterfall - The person to the player's left starts drinking and then the next player and so on until all players in the rotation are drinking, (the first person and all others continue drinking) and then first player can stop, followed by the second, then the third, and so on through the last person. If any player stops drinking, finishes their entire drink, or messes up the waterfall rotation, he or she must chug a whole new drink, and the waterfall starts over with that person. Be fore warned, a successful waterfall tile can take a few times to complete. Speed: At the player's designated start time, all players must chug and finish their drink and softly slam the cup/beer on the table to ensure their drink is finished. Last player to finsh, and have their cup/beer on the table, loses and must chug an entire new drink. Cry Wolf - Tile resembles my last name, which is beast by the way, and goes as follows. All players, starting with the person who drew the tile, get one shot howling as best they can like a wolf. Person who drew the tile chooses who howled most similarly and authentic to a real wolf cry. Player can only choose him or her self if majority vote agrees. Everyone but the winner chugs their drink.

    • profile image

      Caitlin Collier 

      4 years ago

      Good game. We like it. Suggestion....specify how many of each rule to write on the blocks.

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image


      5 years ago

      This is such a cute and clever idea! While our crowd rarely indulges in drinking games these days, I feel totally compelled to make one of these for the next time we DO feel like going a little overboard. I love the way your Drinkin' Jenga turned out!


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