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DMC Devil May Cry Mission 4 Under Watch

Updated on January 23, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry Mission 4 Under Watch

DMC Devil May Cry Mission 4 Under Watch - defeat the frost knight and then destroy the watchful eyes to advance.
DMC Devil May Cry Mission 4 Under Watch - defeat the frost knight and then destroy the watchful eyes to advance.

In DMC Devil Mary Cry Mission 4 Under Watch, the nephilim Dante is pulled into Limbo and comes under the watchful eyes of the eyes in the street. This will guide the nephilim Dante through the various obstacles and fights as he tries to pull the eyes out of their sockets and return to the real world.

After Kat leaves Dante in Limbo whilst he is under watch, some monsters appear to attack Dante. Defeat them using various weapon moves. Next, Dante must transverse some obstacles, Use arbiter or demon pull to get the slab in the building to come out into the air. Next, use angel lift to haul Dante onto the first slab and then jump onto the second slab. Next, use demon pull to pull the slab across the street to come out into the air. Part of this slab will collapse revealing an angel pull lever. Jump onto the slab and then onto the next slab and pull the watchful eye out of the socket.

Once the watchful eye is taken out, the blackish things blocking the way through the streets will retract. Run down the streets and eventually reach an area where Dante will face more monsters. Defeat the pathos, stygians and ravagers here and then move on to find a divinity statue. Buy and upgrade as needed at the divinity statue.

Kat will appear to talk to Dante as he runs down the street. The walls of Limbo will close in on Dante. He must then jump past more rifts on the ground before the walls close in on him. After navigating through this, Dante will encounter the first frost knight.

The frost knight’s icy armor appears invulnerable to Dante’s bullets and Rebellion initially, but is quite susceptible to Osiris’s prop and shredder attacks. So remember to unlock these before facing the frost knight.

DMC Devil May Cry Pull Out the Next Two Watchful Eyes

To get out of Limbo, Dante must destroy the next two watchful eyes. Close to the divinity statue is an angel lift lever. Use angel lift to haul Dante up to the slab platform and then jump across the nest platform to find a blue gateway. Use Osiris to hack through the blue gateway and use a copper key to unlock the secret mission here.

Once the secret mission (Simple Traversal) is completed, head back out and use lift fly to jump onto the next platform. At the next platform, pull out the watchful eye.

For the final watchful eye, follow Kat’s lead and watch her demonic witchery as she uses a spray can to create a demon pull lever. Use arbiter pull to pull out the staircase and then jump onto the next few platforms. To reach the final watchful eye, Dante must jump down onto a lower platform and then use arbiter pull to destroy the watchful eye.

The rewards for destroying the watchful eyes are the appearance of more monsters. Defeat the monsters and run through more obstacles and closing walls to finally arrive at a church hall.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Tyrant and Escape Limbo

Not surprisingly, more monsters appear to attack Dante. The monsters appear in groups. The most dangerous groups will be the two frost knights and then the tyrant.

To defeat the tyrant, wait for it to charge. Once it charges, the tyrant will remain temporarily stationary. Use arbiter to attack it from the back. The tyrant will then re-animate and swipe at Dante. Evade and move to the tyrant’s back again. Strike at it using the arbiter (or Rebellion) until it is defeated.

Dante must now escape the church hall in Limbo. Jump past the rifts in the ground using lift jump. Then use angelic lift to grab the levers until Dante reaches the crystal in the church wall. Now escape Limbo and rendezvous with Kat outside the real physical church.


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