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DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Mundus' Spawn

Updated on January 11, 2014

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Mundus' Spawn

Use angle lift to haul Dante to the spawn's third eye and use Aquila to create large amounts of damage
Use angle lift to haul Dante to the spawn's third eye and use Aquila to create large amounts of damage

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Mundus’ Spawn

In DMC Devil May Cry, Dante must defeat Lilith and Mundus’ Spawn. Dante must capture Lilith alive in order to trade Lilith for Kat. This is a pretty gruesome fight where Mundus’ spawn tries to protect her mother Lilith from Dante, and tries to smash Dante to smithereens at the same time. Mundus’ spawn is a malformed monster which can hit at Dante with punches and throw disco balls and crescendo waves of attacking music waveforms at Dante. This will guide Dante on how to defeat Mundus’ spawn using the right tactics.

DMC Devil May Cry Dodge Mundus Spawn’s Offensive Moves

Dante must be able to counter Mundus Spawn’s offensive moves before he can launch his own offense. Mundus’ spawn has the following offensives moves –

  • swap at Dante with his hands.
  • throw an explosive disco ball at Dante.
  • create waves of music that spread out on the battlegrounds or dance floor towards Dante. This can be a one-off offensive move, or it can be wave after wave of music attack.

Dante can counter by simply dodging the hand swap or punch. Sometimes, when Dante is in the air and behind Mundus’ Spawn, the punches do no damage to Dante. The explosive disco ball can be quite easily dodged by moving to the right of the spawn and then dodging.

The waves of music are the most problematic. Here, instead of rolling and dodging, Dante must instead jump, preferably at the lowest point of the crescendo. Try to reach the spawn and the music attacks will stop.

Once Dante counters these offensives, it’s time to take the fight to the spawn.

DMC Devil May Cry Tactics to Defeat Mundus’ Spawn

Dante must move to the right side of the spawn. From here, spot a red hand on the side of the spawn’s body. Use demon pull to pull out the hand, and it will show an orb. Use angel lift to grapple onto the orb and then haul Dante into the air near the spawn. Lash out at the spawn using Aquila. After a period of time, the hand orb will be closed and Mundus' spawn third eye will open. Angel lift to the third eye and keep damaging the spawn. The spawn will take large amounts of damage when this happens. Keep dropping the spawn’s health bar, until it is zero.

At this stage, the spawn will lie unconscious on the ground. Pull out Lilith from within the spawn's body using demon pull and then try to defeat Lilith. This may take two or more tries depending on the difficulty of the game. At a certain stage of the battle, Lilith will be pulled into the spawn’s body again, and the battle will resume.

Repeat the sequence of actions as detailed above. The hero may need to bring some vital stars and heal up if his health points get too low. A golden orb will also help if the hero meets an untimely demise (to prevent the whole battle having to be replayed). Eventually, Mundus’ Spawn will be defeated.


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