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DMC Devil May Cry Mission 5 Virility

Updated on January 17, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry Mission 5 Virility

In DMC Devil May Cry Mission 5 Virility, the hero Dante must head into Virility and find a way down to the bottom of the Virility factory. This will guide Dante on the most efficient way to get to the bottom of Virility and find the boss monster that lie there.

Once Dante enters Limbo to get to his goal, he will arrive at the first obstacle. The first obstacle is a series of crates piled in the air one above another. At the beginning, there will be two main ways to get to the goal, either left or right. Dante should go left.

Use a series of demon pull, angelic lift and lift jump to transverse the obstacles. Eventually, Dante will get to a solid platform (not crates). Dante knows he is on the right track when he is attacked here by monsters. Defeat them all and then use angelic lift on a series of levers on the left of the platform to navigate his way to a pair of container doors. Pull open the container doors and use jump lift to fly into the next platform.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Hell Knight

The hell knight will then appear. The hell knight is the opposite of the frost knight, being able to inflict fire damage and turn the ground into lava (temporarily). Use arbiter to knock off his shield and then use heavy arbiter attacks to defeat the hell knight.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Hell Knight

The Hell Knight will make his first appearance in the mission Virility.
The Hell Knight will make his first appearance in the mission Virility.

Once the hell knight is defeated, a tyrant will appear. Defeat the tyrant and his minions and then look around at this area. There is a small passageway through the crate to the right of the copper key here which will allow Dante to get the copper key. Then head back out onto the main platform.

Once Dante gets the copper key, head through the (now opened) passageway on this platform to find a divinity statue. Go past the statue and follow the corridor to reach a series of scaffolding. Dante must transverse the scaffolding and get to the other side. The other side is marked by pipes which contain the virility liquid that will lead to the boss monster.

Once Dante reaches the corridor and platform that contains the pipes, a frost knight and a hell knight will appear. Defeat them.

DMC Devil May Cry Get to the Mixing Chamber

The route to the mixing chamber starts within a room where the doors will close, and Dante must defeat the monsters that appear to get further in this area.

This area is a mini-maze of intersecting corridors. Dante can simply follow the pipes and try to reach the mixing room. Or he can explore and run around the corridors to get secret items and unlock secret missions.

For example, there is a room blocked by a blue gateway which contains a health cross. There is another room blocked by a red gateway. If Dante has the required number of argent keys, he can open the door.

By following the pipes, Dante will reach a chamber with a divinity statue and another chamber with tanks of virility linked by pipes. Within this chamber, monsters will appear in groups. The difficulty of the group will increase, until the final group will enter. This will be the two tyrants. Defeat them, and then head to the doorway indicated by Kat to find and defeat the boss monster in the Virility factory.


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