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DMC Devil May Cry the Plan

Updated on January 23, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry the Plan

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Drekavac in the Plan Mission
DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Drekavac in the Plan Mission

In DMC Devil May Cry, Dante must traverse the streets outside the demon king's building and then enter the building and scale its height (through lifts) to face the demon king. This is the plan mission. This will guide Dante on how to get past this mission and focus particularly on the use of tactics in the fight with Drekavac.

DMC Devil May Cry Get Inside the Building

Dante will start off as the streets get broken up and become airborne. Dante must follow suit and jump from airborne street to airborne street before they slip out of his reach. Then, just before entering the building, he must face off against hordes of enemies including combinations of a witch and some other monsters like the elite Stygian Once these monsters are finished, Vergil will open the gates into the building. Ignore the rest of the upcoming monsters and run in before the walls close again.

Once inside the building, Dante will face the dreamrunner. The dreamrunner is a watered down version of Drekavac, and tactics for defeating the dreamrunner is the same as that for defeating Drekavac (see below).

DMC Devil Get Up the Building

And then Dante must get up the building. This is a series of jumping past obstacles and defeating monsters. Kat will be narrating in the background. Dante can either take his time and unlock some secrets here, or he can rush through this series of levels and get to the next mission.

Either way, Dante will meet up with Vergil initially and then take to the east wing. Finish off he obstacle course here and defeat monsters and then move to the west wing. Along the way, Dante will meet some horizontal laser bars. Jump past them and defeat another dreamrunner and some monsters. Dante will meet up with Vergil again at the lift up to the 154th floor and will be given another weapon Kablooey. At the 154th floor, head to the west wing. Repeat the sequence of monster slaying and obstacle jumping and then take the lift to the 159th floor.

On the wide balcony of the 159th floor, the hero will face several harpies. Defeat them and a tyrant to unlock the opportunity to face the leader of the dreamrunners – Drekavac.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Drekavac

Drekavac is the mysterious figure that has been chasing the hero through the lower levels of the game. Drekavac possesses a variety of moves which will make him a pretty offensive character, and a very frustrating defensive enemy to defeat.

  • First and foremost, he can parry most of Dante's moves. This is especially frustrating for moves like a trillion stabs which will just hit a brick wall. There are a few ways to bypass Drekavac's parry. Roll to his back and attack him that way, or use a heavy weapon to smash through his parry.
  • Note that some attacks will be deflected back to Dante (such as Aquila attacks) if he attacks whilst Drekavac is parrying.
  • Drekavac can jump into the space between limbo and disappear. When he comes out attacking, simply roll away.
  • Then launch into a series of heavy attacks, coupled with demon pull or angel lift to make Drekavac unable to parry.

Patience is the key here (and together with some vital stars for healing). By watching Drekavac and then countering his moves when they appear and using heavy attacks, Drekavac will be defeated.


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