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Doc McStuffins Dolls and Toys

Updated on October 1, 2012

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Doc McStuffins may only be a little girl but she has a huge heart for fixing her toys and making sure they are healthy. Doc McStuffins is one of the latest additions to Disney Junior and has quickly become a favorite for many boys and girls.

In the show Doc is a 6 year old girl who can talk to her toys and then fixes any problems they may have. The awesome part about this show is that is a lot of fun for kids to watch but also teaches your kids how to take care of themselves from everything to brushing their teeth to being careful not to eat too much junk food.

If you have a Doc McStuffins fan at home check out all the different toys, games, dolls, and DVDs available.

interactive doc mcstuffins doll
interactive doc mcstuffins doll

Most Popular Item - Doc McStuffins Interactive Talking Doll

Right now the most popular Doc McStuffins toy is the interactive talking doll.

This doll, which looks exactly like the cartoon character is not only able to talk but also sings the famous "Time for Your Checkup" song. She has several different sayings with a quick press of her stethoscope around her neck.

The doll also comes with a plush Lambie that talks as well. So not only do you get a talking Doc but you also get a talking Lambie in this playset as well. Both of the dolls do have on/off switches so you can also play with them quietly as well.

Lastly it comes medical equipment and a doctor's bag so Doc can give Lambie her checkup and make sure she is healthy.

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Doc McStuffins Dolls

You can't play Doc McStuffins at home unless you have a Doc McStuffins doll.

There are a few different dolls that are available right now with the talking interactive doll being the most popular.

Check out the different dolls below for more information.

Doc McStuffins Doctor Kit and Bag

Every doctor needs their medical bag and kit.

These Doc McStuffins doctor bags are perfect for any little girl or boy who may want to be just like Doc and fix their stuffed animals and toys at home. Each bag comes with different medical equipment such as a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, and bandages.

These make great gift for any litlte McStuffins fan who may want to be a doctor of their own.

Doc McStuffins Plush

These plush toys are great for younger kids and toddlers who may love the show but may not be ready yet for more complicated toys.

They also make great bedtime snuggle partners as well as patients for your doc-to-be at home.

Get your kid their favorite doc McStuffins character and put a big smile on their face.

Other Doc McStuffins Toys

Here are some more Doc McStuffins toys that you may be interested in as well.

Since this show is new, there are more and more toys coming out and you may want to check back later for even more options as well.

Doc McStuffins Time For Your Checkup Song

This is my son's absolute favorite song so I had to include it!

Doc McStuffins DVD
Doc McStuffins DVD

Doc McStuffins DVD

This DVD contains 5 episodes the hit show Doc McStuffins which airs on the Disney channel and Disney Jr.

The 5 episodes on the disc are:

1. Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine/The Right Stuff

2. Caught Blue Handed/To Squeak, Or Not To Squeak

3. Ben/Anna Split!/That's Just Claw-ful

4. The Rip Heard Round the World/Walkie-Talkie Time

5. Dark Knight/Hallie Gets an Earful

These are episodes that have previously aired on TV but are great to have at home so that your little one can watch whenever she wants.

Not only do you get the DVD when you order it but it also comes with stickers and an activity book as well that your little one can play with.

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