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New Doctor Who Toys

Updated on July 30, 2014

New Generation of Action Figures

The new Doctor Who series on British TV has spawned a brand new collection of toys and action figures, ideal gifts to buy for the younger fans this Christmas. Here are just some of the Doctor Who toys you can buy now...

UK fans can find more great action figures in the Doctor Who Toys and Figures aStore (

The Daleks


The Daleks are grotesque mutated creatures integrated with a tank-like mechanical casing, and are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse. They are the greatest alien adversaries of Doctor Who. Their most famous catchphrase is "EX-TER-MI-NATE!", with each syllable individually screeched in a frantic electronic voice.

Genesis Ark Set
(4 Daleks Plus Ark)

Externally, Daleks resemble human-sized salt or pepper shakers around five to six feet tall, with a single mechanical eyestalk mounted on a rotating dome, a gunstalk containing an energy weapon (or "death ray"), which can also be fitted with a projectile weapon, and a telescoping robot manipulator arm.

Recreate scenes from the Dr Who episode Doomsday with this »

Genesis Ark Gift Set. Includes Dalek Sec (black), Dalek They, Dalek Jast, and Dalek Kan from the Cult of Skaro and the infamous Ark.

Daleks are free wheeling and feature full head, eye & arm poseability. One standard Dalek features removeable arm, gun & eye stalk so it can be placed inside the Ark.

5" Manhattan Set

In the double episode "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks", Dalek Sec and the Cult of Skaro escape to New York in 1930, and setup base at the bottom of the Empire State Building. With the help of their 'pig slaves', they attempt to build a race of Dalek-Human hybrid beings.

This set of 5" action figures contain 1 Dalek, 1 Dalek-Human hybrid, 1 pig slave, and The Doctor.


Disguised as a 1950s style London polic box, The TARDIS the the Doctor's time machine - with it, he can travel to all corners of space and time. The other amazing property of this time machine is that it is larger on the inside than it is on the outside, which always comes as a shock to anyone entering it for the first time.

Electronic Playset

The Tardis Playset is a reproduction of the Console Room of the Doctor's time machine. It comes with lift out access panels, the Police Box doorway, hatstand, pilot seat and console.

The console has been recreated in minature with switches and sounds activated from the correct places and has 13 individual sound and light combinations plus motorised 'Time Rotor'.

This will make any adventure with your 5" action figures come to life.

12" Cyberman Figure

Tall, gleaming metal giants from an alternative Earth, the Cybermen were once human like us but have developed the technology to replace dying and diseased body-parts with robotic replacements. While parts of the humanoid brain remains alive inside, it has been adapted so that the Cybermen are utterly devoid of emotion. The number one priority for the Cyber race is to conquer all adversaries and convert them to create yet more Cybermen. Their ultimate aim is to claim the planet earth for their race.

This 12" Cyberman figure is a tall, gleaming, metal giant from an alternative Earth! With 14 points of articulation he comes dressed in a scale replica outfit consisting of undersuit with armour details over the top.

Cyberman Voice

Changer Helmet

This Voice Changer (shown left) is a Replica Cyberhead at 1:1 scale which features speech, sound effects and lights. It has three play buttons:

- Button 1 - Cyberman phrases & light up mouth

- Button 2 - Change your voice into a Cyberman's, & light up mouth

- Button 3 - Cyber weapon sound effects

Please note: Requires x3 AA Batteries Included

See more Cybermen Action Figures »

Electronic Sonic Screwdriver

Like the TARDIS, the electronic sonic screwdriver has become one of the icons of Doctor Who. Its most common function is to operate virtually any lock, mechanical or electronic, and thus open doors for escape or exploration. It has also been used for repairing equipment, as an offensive weapon, and occasionally even to drive screws.

This authentically modeled Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver has a hidden UV pen and UV light which reveals your secret writing. Features button activated lights Sonic Screwdriver sound effects. Includes 30 Grallifreyan printed notelets, secret codebook and spare standard ink nib.

5" Face Of Boe
(With Animated Mouth)

An impossibly old and wise being, he is the last of Boekind, rumoured to have lived for billions of years.

He and the Doctor have met twice, on their second meeting the Face of Boe promised they would meet again, whereupon Boe would impart a final, great secret to a traveller who was also the last of his kind. When that third meeting occurs, Boe is using his life-force to keep the city of New New York powered and the Doctor must find a way to help his old friend survive.

This deluxe Face of Boe figure is approximately 5" (12.5cm) tall, and features an animated mouth.

Clockwork Man
(12" Figure)

These terrifying ticking clockwork robots are repair droids gone bad.

Faulty programming made them turn on the crew of their stricken spaceship in the 51st century. They used human parts to mend the ship then went looking for a central computer, opening up time portals to 18th century France to take the brain of Madame de Pompadour - the legendary figure the ship was named after!

This 12" Clockwork Man wears a removable porcelain style mask and period costume. The figure has 14 points of articulation and under his mask he has a detailed clockwork mechanism. He also has a removable weapon attached to his arm.

Empress Of Racnoss

It's Christmas time again and the 'Pilot Fish' robots are back on Earth once more, disguised again, as killer Santas. This time they are under the control of a giant semi-humanoid arachnid from deep space.

Called the Empress of the Racnoss, She is a half humanoid half spider creature intent on taking over the Earth for her own ends. Having travelled across half the Galaxy in her giant 'Webship' and with thousands of spiders at her command, even The Doctor may not be able to thwart her evil plans.

5" Action Figure
Twin Pack

Autons are essentially life-sized plastic dummies, automatons animated by the Nestene Consciousness, an extraterrestrial, disembodied gestalt intelligence which first arrived on Earth in hollow plastic meteorites. Their name comes from "Auto Plastics", the company that was infiltrated by the Nestenes and subsequently manufactured their Auton shells in Spearhead.

Autons conceal deadly weapons within their hands, which can kill or vaporize their targets. The typical Auton does not look particularly realistic, resembling a mannequin, being robotic in its movements and mute. However, more sophisticated Autons can be created, which look and act human except for a slight sheen to the skin and a flat sounding voice.


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