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Donkey Kong Country 4

Updated on March 2, 2011

Disclaimer: This Hub is fan speculation; there is no guarantee that any of these features will appear in Donkey Kong Country 4, or that there even will be a Donkey Kong Country 4.

I know what you're thinking: "Donkey Kong Country Returns is Donkey Kong Country 4!" Well yes and no.

True, it is the direct sequel to DKC 3, and it was an awesome game to play...but it lacked 2 key elements that made the Donkey Kong Country trilogy so great:

Kremlings, and music.

Those were the two major gripes I had about DKCR. Without the Kremlings, it just felt so ...generic. And while the remixes of the original Donkey Kong Country tunes were amazing, the new music created for the game just couldn't compete with the classics.

The loss of all your Animal Buddies except for Rambi and Squawks was another disappointment, but the game design was so varied and well developed that I hardly noticed after a while.

If there's a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns, I hope they bring back more elements from the SNES entries. Anyway, here is my wish list for Donkey Kong Country 4. Feel free to comment at the end of the article.

Donkey Kong Country 4 Box Art by Veronica
Donkey Kong Country 4 Box Art by Veronica | Source

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Having thrawted King K. Rool 3 times already, The Kong Family must deal with a dwindling food supply at home in Donky Kong Country 4.
Having thrawted King K. Rool 3 times already, The Kong Family must deal with a dwindling food supply at home in Donky Kong Country 4. | Source

After his defeat in the Northern Kremisphere, Baron K. Roolenstein (King K. Rool) and his Kremling army leave the Donkey Kong Island area, in a humiliating full withdraw. It seems that the Kongs, and their beloved Banana Hoard are finally safe...

Not long after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3, the Kongs run into another crisis: there is a banana shortage on their island. They struggle to find a solution as their home descends closer and closer to famine.

One day, a message in a bottle arrives on the coast of Jungle Japes.

It turns out to be a letter attached to a map.

Surprisingly, it was written by some distant relatives of the Kong family!

They know about the banana shortage, and tell of a region called the Tropicana Carribbean, where the fruit has magical powers. It is also home to the legendary Great Banana Tree, that produces an endless amount of the yellow fruit!

Wasting no time, Funky Kong assembles a Kong Cruiser, and the family heads for the new islands. However, they get caught in a storm at sea, and end up shipwrecked on the first island in the Carribbean...

4-Player Adventure

Donkey Kong Country 4 should have all 4 Kongs from the original games playable.
Donkey Kong Country 4 should have all 4 Kongs from the original games playable. | Source

It would be pretty epic if all 4 Kongs would be playable in Donkey Kong Country 4.

It'd be even cooler if there was a 4-Player Adventure style of gameplay, like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Each player would pick a character, having 2 strong Kongs (Donkey and Kiddie), and two fast Kongs (Diddy and Dixie). They should be able to perform all of theirĀ  signature moves and team attacks from the first 3 games, including some new combination abilities performed when Donkey and Kiddie team up.

Gameplay should be traditional DK platforming, in all its vine swinging, tree climbing and barrel busting glory. One new addition to the good-old fashioned Donkey Kong mechanics, would come in the form of the Magic Fruit strewn about the Tropicana Carribbean.

Magic Fruit

The Crystal Coconut is the predecessor to the Magic Fruit that appears in Donkey Kong Country 4.
The Crystal Coconut is the predecessor to the Magic Fruit that appears in Donkey Kong Country 4. | Source

Magic Fruit is the staple food of the Tropicana Carribbean. It tastes much better than regular fruit, and also gives the eater special powers.

In function, they act like the typical video game power-ups. The difference is that you carry the Magic Fruit with you until you exchange it for another or take damage.

One of the buttons on the Wii Mote is reserved for activating the Magic Fruit's special power, if you are holding one.

You will need to use the abilities of each Magic Fruit to find all of the secrets hidden in the game.

Some examples of Magic Fruit are the Rainbow Mango, the Evergreen Tangerine, the Sunset Citrus and the Platinum Cherry.

Some of the abilities granted by eating Magic Fruit are super strength, shrinking, invisibility and walking on ceilings.

Interactive World Map

The world map will serve more of a purpose besides acting only as a stage select screen in Donkey Kong Country 4.
The world map will serve more of a purpose besides acting only as a stage select screen in Donkey Kong Country 4. | Source

The world map in Donkey Kong Country 4 will be fully explorable for the first time in Kong history. Players will be able to search for buried treasure and secret levels while traveling in between levels.

The Kongs while come across several items in their journey that will help them search for secrets. The Shovel lets DK and the crew dig up Treasure Chests in sand and dirt. The Fishing Rod lets the Kongs catch drifting Message Bottles. And so on.

Also, the Kongs will come across several different types of Vehicles to help them explore the Islands. These too, while be able to search for Collectibles. They even stumble upon a Submarine, which will let the Kongs go underwater, and will allow them to enter the final level to confront Komrade K. Rool, and rescue their kidnaped Kong kin.

Donkey Kong Country 4 - Mine Level (Fan Remix) (Music)


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    • Matthew Gibson profile image

      Matthew Gibson 

      5 years ago from Anderson, AL

      I love this kind of speculation...

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you MistHaven, for a great idea for Donkey Kong 4, if you are a player of games. Thank you for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59o


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