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Doodle Jump

Updated on March 9, 2014

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a video game on the iPhone that involves a creature with a yellow elephant head, a middle area that looks like the end of a lightbulb, and legs that resemble an insect. In Doodle Jump, this elephant-like creature jumps on blocks/small platforms and moves up. The higher you go, the more points you earn. When some blocks/small platforms disappear under the screen of your iPhone, that means that you will never be able to access them for the entire game. The only way to do good is to go up. If you miss any of the platforms, the elephant falls down and the game is over. UFOs, Black holes, monsters, and more stand in your way as you try to achieve the main goal of Doodle Jump--don't fall down!

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And How To Beat Them

In Doodle Jump, there are harmful monsters that you don't want to even touch. If you do touch a monster, the elephant will act confused and fall all the way down (no excuses). However, there are ways to defeat these monsters and avoid losing too quickly. You can touch the screen to see the elephant shoot out circular bombs (best I could come up with). They don't cause explosions, but they do destroy the monsters. Even though monsters get hurt by them, you as the elephant won't. The shield is another way to not defeat, but be immune to monsters. With the shield, you can hop onto monsters as if they were small platforms.

Blue Platforms

In Doodle Jump, the blue platforms move sideways from left to right. They are the first moving platforms that you will see. When there are a lot of blue moving platforms, it can become difficult to figure out when to have the elephant jump. These blue platforms are only practice for the harder ones.

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Brown Platforms

It is not a crime to land on these brown platforms, but if you do, make sure there is a safe platform underneath. The brown platform is directly above the jetpack, and you can see it looks old and ragged. Well, if you land on it, it instantly breaks, and you don't even get the bounce. So, I would avoid brown platforms, but if there is something underneath, then it is always good to take away a bad platform without the risk of losing.

Black Hole

Do not approach them, do not touch them, and completely ignore them. Even if you go close to it, the elephant will be sucked into the black hole, and its game over. The black hole is a big threat, especially at the top of the screen because it is a way to lose other than falling all the way down. Avoid the black hole at all costs.

Multiple Doodle Jump Games

Doodle Jump isn't just the typical elephant jumping off of platforms in a looseleaf like background. Doodle Jump is also available based on holidays, sports, and locations in the world. Go see what Doodle Jump games you can get on your iPhone (or other device). The results may surprise you! Of course, there are different items and monsters for every Doodle Jump game.

Doodle Jump Monsters Part II

One hit from any of these monsters, and its game over. The elephant gets confused as it falls all the way down. As I mentioned before, you can destroy these monsters by touching the screen and then the elephant shoots out something that destroys the monster. However, some monsters require two shots from the elephant's nose. The more complex the monster, the more shots you need. The three eyed monster is the hardest because it flies (won't go under the screen), it takes multiple shots to destroy, and the platforms get very hard when you encounter this monster. So, most monsters require 1 shot, but some need two.

The Three Eyed Monster

This picture shows you how hard it can be to defeat the three eyed flying monster. The white platforms disappear when you land on them and the brown ones just collapse before you can even bounce on them. So, you are looking at those 3 white platforms. That monster moves around at a fast pace, so shooting it down can be hard, and you can't wait for it to fly out of the screen because you have to keep on moving up (no easy green platforms and things like that). I just wanted to show you how hard to beat this monster could be, so watch out and good luck!

Spring Shoes

In Doodle Jump, you can encounter the spring shoes. The spring shoes are like the regular spring except they stay on the elephant for 3-5 bounces. Go higher than ever with the spring shoes. Skip the monsters and get awesome results!

Doodle Jump Spring Shoes Hack

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The jetpack is the best thing that you will find in Doodle Jump. It takes you sky high and gives you about 3,000 extra points. So will see platforms dash off the screen with the jetpack!

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Doodle Jump Trampoline

Go high in the sky with this trampoline! When the elephant jumps on the trampoline, it does a back flip as it flies past other platforms and the gruesome monsters. The elephant gets higher, and it is not hard to predict what set of platforms will be next when the elephant jumps on the trampoline.

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