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Double Horse Volitation RC Helicopter

Updated on September 18, 2015

Double Horse Volitation RC Helicopter

Double Horse Volitation RC Helicopter with 3.5 Channel model 9053 26 INCH Outdoor Metal Gyro style is a great option for anyone who would like to have a muscle helicopter.

This is about a hobby grade helicopter with the potential for being a great long term starter investment. NOT for beginners, because this is a large model and will require an experienced pilot as well as maintenance.

Don't forget you'll need the controller batteries (8 AA) but the helicopter battery and charger are included. READ the first time charging and recharging instructions to ensure you optimize your battery and ultimately the play time.

Double Horse Volitation RC Helicopter - Product Features

GGI International Double Horse 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro Remote Control Helicopter
GGI International Double Horse 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro Remote Control Helicopter

Remote control DH model 9053 is a 26 inch Volitation 3.5 channel with several capabilities in maneuverability. You will need to buy 8 AA batteries for the remote control device (not included).

This is not for the beginner. It is large and may need some upgrades if you want a more expensive kit. Colors will vary and can not be specified when ordering.

Complete kit is fully assembled

More control with the 3.5 directional plus

Charger and rechargeable battery for the helicopter is included (controller batteries are not included -- 8 AA)

100 meter high flight capable

Has two 180 motors plus the N20 tail motor

Colors vary


What are people saying about the Volitation 9053 RC Helicopter by Double Horse

Customers who love this model 'really' love it. The variety of reviews could be confusing at first and then we begin to see a pattern. The most apparent pattern in the reviews is experience. This item is not for the beginner and may require some expertise in flying, revising the parts (swapping for more expensive if you desired) and especially in operations.

It is a 'kit' ready to fly (except for the controller batteries) but, overall it is an inexpensive 'starter' to what could be upgraded with more expensive components over time. Three stars average with over 270 reviewers. Reviews span the gauge drastically. 1/3 of the reviews are rock bottom.

The following will focus on how to be in the top 1/3 of the reviews who gave this 4 or 5 star rating :

  • Learning Curve (not for beginners)
  • Good price for the included components
  • Large style (if a beginner a smaller model would be best to start out)
  • Experienced buyers 'modify' this right out of the box (center of gravity)
  • Overall Durability is great but a few extra parts (such as the 'blade holders' are a good idea)
  • Hobby Grade (without the higher cost of maintenance as the more expensive models)

Be ready to learn, maintain, and have a great time with this Outdoor RC Helicopter. You might buy a more expensive model and then have more expensive maintenance. This is a great initial investment for experienced pilots.

Video Of Double Horse Volitation RC Helicopter.

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