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Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Bone Pit High Dragon

Updated on April 5, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Bone Pit High Dragon

Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Bone Pit High Dragon
Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Bone Pit High Dragon

Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Bone Pit High Dragon

In dragon age 2, the ultimate rpg dragon slayer dream comes through, as Dragon Age 2 allows the slaying of a massive dragon in the Bone Pit. The bone pit high dragon will only appear in Act 3, and ensures a massive battle between Hawke, party and high dragon, as Hawke and party must be high enough level to do this.

In this dragon age 2 defeating the bone pit high dragon tactics walkthrough, Hawke and party are all level 17, with Hawke being a mage, Merrill a mage, Fenris, and Isabella with all critical attacks maxed out.

Dragon Age 2 Bone Pit High Dragon Menace

The dragon age 2 bone pit high dragon menace quest is initiated by the mine owner in Hightown complaining to Hawke that workers have fled the mine. Hawke investigates, and realizes that a high dragon has descended about the mines, razing all the equipment and chasing away all workers.

To destroy this high dragon, first one must understand the battle tactics of the high dragon. The high dragon will breathe a cone of fire, a massive attack that takes out up to half or more of health points. So spread out the characters and avoid this.

If the warrior is too close to the bone pit high dragon, then the high dragon will pick up the warrior and start chewing the warrior, reducing the hit points to just above 0. This is a risk a warrior has to take for being a tank.

Next the high dragon will fly up and perch on a peak, and summon dragonlings and dragons to swarm the characters. The dragonlings are more annoying than dangerous, but the young dragon is dangerous - quickly horror, stun or petrify the dragon, and make short work of the rest of the dragonlings. In addition, the high dragon will throw out fireballs whilst the party is engaging the dragons, so use one party member to distract the high dragon and avoid the fireballs.

Once the high dragon has finished watching, it will swarm down and attack the party again. To get the high dragon to change position, use area attack spells on the high dragon.

Remember this cycle of high dragon attack, spread out the mages and warriors (ideally use a rogue, because the rogue can be a dodge tank and avoid a lot of the massive damage of the dragon), and use lots of health potions. This attack used about 21 health potions (no healer in party), including some picked up from the dragonlings after they are finished.

With these tactics and patience, the high dragon will be defeated, and there are many many good rewards for defeating the high dragon in the bone pit. And what is dragon age 2 without the defeat of massive dragons!


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