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Dragon Age 2 Legacy Janeka Path

Updated on August 6, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Janeka Path

In dragon age 2 legacy, after defeating the third guardian, the player can choose between the Janeka Path (perhaps the evil path) and the Larius path. Janeka asks the player to harness the power of Corypheus the Darkspawn by binding him. Larius wants to destroy Corypheus. This article will take the player down the Janeka Path.

The first stage of the Janeka Path takes the player through the prison level - Daneken's Floor, where there are power nodes in the level. Hawke comes to realise that Janeka is a mage, and can power off the nodes and cause the barrier to drop, letting the player go into the next room. This part of the prison level is pretty much like a maze, and Hawke must work out how to get past the final barrier and get into the final chamber and face the three golems.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Using Janeka to fight off Darkspawn

In dragon age 2 legacy, it is great to add another mage to the Hawke party. Fighting with three mages is fantastic, with area effect spells, healing and individual damaging spells crisscrossing all over the place. Add into this the dashing effect of the warrior and the sneak attacks and backstabs of the rogue and the Hawke party is devastating indeed. The Darkspawn don't stand any chance at all. There are about two main attacks by the Darkspawn in this level. Trigger off all the Darkspawn spawning traps and allow the Darkspawn to attack. Then stand back and watch the fireworks.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Getting into the Final Chamber

The way into the final chamber is not that hard. The way past each chamber is unlocked by using Janeka to use her staff to turn off the power node. Within each chamber there are not too many combinations. So try out each combination, and one can get past each barrier. To locate the final chamber and final barrier, use the map and mouse (or controller over) over the map, and the final chamber and barrier will be located. Remember to turn around and look at the power node at the back. Hit that node and then proceed to the final chamber and get into the fight with the three golems.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Daneken's Floor - Getting into the Final Chamber


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