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Dragon Age 2 Offered and Lost Fighting Ser Varnell and Fanatics Tactics

Updated on April 1, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Offered and Found Final Fight

Dragon Age 2 Offered and Found Final Fight
Dragon Age 2 Offered and Found Final Fight

Dragon Age 2 Offered and Lost Fighting Ser Varnell and the Fanatics

In dragon age 2 act 2, Hawke is involved in a main quest called offered and lost, where he tracks down some missing qunari to an alley in darktown. Hawke and party end up fighting Ser Varnell, a templar and his fanatics, who are obsessed with eliminating qunari from Kirkwall. This will explain some tactics which will help with defeating the templar and his fanatics. The walkthrough of the main quest offered and lost is explained here.

To succeed in the battle against Ser Varnell and the Fanatics, one must have the right party. Suggest to bring a party with lots and lots of area attacks, including 3 mages if possible. Use area attack spells and tactics on the fanatics and keep one or two warriors on Ser Varnell. Use stun, horror, petrify and other such spells against Ser Varnell to stop him from attack frequently, and a warrior / rogue to systematically bring down his hit points.

Dragon Age 2 Comics

Fighting Ser Varnell and Fanatics - Examples

When starting the fight against Ser Varnell and fanatics, there will be a first wave of fanatics. Use Merrill to launch Firestorm against the fanatics, and Hawke (mage) to launch Tempest. Use Horror to keep Ser Varnell at bay. Focus Isabella and Fenris against Ser Varnell. The fanatics will be caught in the stun effects of Tempest and be unable to retaliate. Next put Merrill into the middle of Ser Varnell and the fanatics, and cast Ensnare. This powerful spell will take out losts of fanatics. Throughout this fight, maintain some sort of stun effects on Varnell.

The second wave of fanatics will start arriving at one end of the chamber. By this time, hopefully Tempest will have recharged. Use Tempest on these fanatics. If Tempest is not recharged, then use Cone of Ice to splay on as many enemies as possible. Next the third wave of fanatics will have arrived at the other end of the chamber. Repeat the cycle of area spells. Use plenty of healing and mana potions.

If possible, in between the area attacks, focus the attacks on Ser Varnell. It pays to eliminate him from the fight as fast as possible. Eliminating him from the fight does not stop the fanatics from arriving. It also pays to position your mages near to Ser Varnell, so that any area attack spells will also affect Varnell.

Finally towards the end of the battle, mages may run very low on mana and potions may not recharge on time for mana to be replenished. It may be worthwhile to invest in some points in Blood Magic. Merrill and Hawke as mage can learn the blood control spell, which will stun the enemies and make them lose hit points too. At the same time, health is used rather than mana, which may prove useful towards the end of the battle.

After the battle, do not forget to search the rooms around the area of the main fight, and collect the Shield of the Knight Herself, which you can present to Aveline by choosing the correct dialogue choices.


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