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Dragon Age Inquisition Important Side Quests to Unlock Merchant Loot

Updated on December 20, 2014

In Dragon Age Inquisition, side quests are important to unlock the merchant in each area, to get good loot and romance companions in the inquisitor's inner circle. The companions in the hero's inner circle include Cassandra, Leliana, Sera, Vivienne, Josephine, Blackwall, Iron Bull, Cole, Solas, Dorian and Cullen. The inner circle can be divided into the adventuring group and the war council group. This will guide the heroes on choosing the appropriate companions to take on the side quests to achieve high chances of getting good loot and unlock the merchants in each area.

There are too many side quests in the hinterlands. Only a few of the important ones will be discussed. Comments on missing components are welcome below.

As a new and budding inquisitor, the hero will venture into the hinterlands and take out apostate mages and rogue templars. With the sundering of the temple of ashes by the green lightning from the rift breach, templars no longer know what they are fighting for and they attack all in sight. Apostate mages are the mages who do not 'belong" or swear their allegiance to the Circle of Magi. They just attack all, as in the case usually. Solas, the apostate mage in the inquisitor's inner circle, is one of the few exceptions.

So, one of the early side quests is to find the apostate mages in the Hinterlands. This will yield good loot, and give the hero some necessary power points to use to unlock operations. However, it is not always easy to get to the apostate mages, given the low level of the heroes at the beginning.

So, one of the early side quests is to find the apostate mages in the Hinterlands. This will yield good loot, and give the hero some necessary power points to use to unlock operations. However, it is not always easy to get to the apostate mages, given the low level of the heroes at the beginning.

Dragon Age Inquisition Get Power Points from Rift Fights to Unlock Operations and More Side Quests.

The hero needs power points to unlock operations. Operations are missions carried out by Leliana and her agents, Cullen and his soldiers, or Josephine and her diplomats. The best way to get power points in the beginning is to attack the demons at the rift bridge and then close the rift breach. Then go to the war table to unlock operations. Operations take time to complete. For side quests purposes, operations are important for two reasons.

  • The locations for some side quests can only be unlocked by operations. These include repairing the bridge in the Emprise due Lion region. This particular side quest allows the hero to get to three high dragons in the Emprise du Lion region.
  • Complete operations to unlock some side quests, such as the Cradle of Sulevin side quest.

Within each region, there is a dungeon which will satisfy the dungeon crawling crave of each inquisitor. In the hinterlands, that dungeon is Valammar. Valammar was a dwarven city that has been overrun by the carta, a mercenary group that is causing trouble in the aftermath of the explosion at the temple of ashes. The route into Valammar involves a few things -

  • Find the key to unlock Valammar. The key lies with another mercenary leader within the fortress west of Valammar.
  • Go into Valammar and eliminate the Carta Leader
  • Later, Valammar becomes the site for unlocking the secrets of the red lyrium and Varric's inner circle quest.
  • Valammar has tremendous loot for low to mid level characters.
  • Valammar is the route to the deep roads which will no doubt be the point for future dragon age inquisition expansion or dlc.

Important Side Quests for Great Loot and Schematics in the Hissing Wastes

Where the Hinterlands is for beginnings looking to get good loot, the Hissing Wastes is not for amateurs or beginners. The side quests and the loot here are for level 20s and thereabouts.

  • Unlock the Hissing Wastes with 20 power points on the war table.

As soon as the inquisitor and his team steps into the Hissing Wastes, the requisition officer tells the inquisitor that the Venatori have been busy digging up graves of past heroes. This means two thins. The Venatori need to be stopped, and there is great loot around.

The Hissing Wastes side quests is a search and find operation quests.

  • The first thing is to find the Venatori camps.

  • Second, the heroes need to find the four tombs in the hissing graves.

  • Third, the heroes need to find tomb of Fairel. Ironically, the weapons and armor schematics for the Tomb of Fairel are actually inferior compared to the other tombs.

  • Fourth, the heroes will stumble upon (literally) one of the best armor schematics of the game in the Canyon in the Hissing Wastes.

  • Finally, the heroes need to defeat the sleeping but fearsome high dragon of the Hissing Wastes, and enter the tomb of Fairel.

Note - there will be a separate hub detailing how to conquer the high dragons of Oaisis and Ferelden.

Side Quest to Get the Most Powerful Unique Two Handed Weapon in the Emprise du Lion

  • This unique two handed weapon is arguably the Sulevin Blade. This is a level 20 weapon. Get Iron Bull to wield the weapon.

To get the Sulevin Blade, one must go to Emprise du Lion and go up from the Darkon camp and find a note. Go to the war table and unlock the operation to find the Cradle of Sulevin. Then go and get the weapon.

In Dragon Age Inquisition, each area has a merchant who will sell powerful weapons and armor and the weapons and armor schematics. The weapons and armor for each merchant is tailored to a specific level. For example, the Hissing Wastes merchant as above is for level 20 and thereabouts.

  • For the Emprise du Lion, capture Suledin Keep to unlock the merchant.
  • For Crestwood, capture the fortress to unlock the merchant.

  • For the Western Approach, capture Griffin Keep to get merchant services.

For the Emerald Graves, the merchant is Gertrude, who had been captured by Sister Costeau. You need to do a few things to unlock this merchant.

  • Fight your way to Fairbanks.
  • Complete a Vicious Thug quest.
  • Complete a Deluded Chevalier quest.
  • Complete a Fallen Sister quest. Rescue Gertrude.

  • Complete a Corrupt General quest.

  • Go back to Fairbanks and speak to the people at the camp to unlock Fairbanks Nobility quest.

Gertrude the merchant will be delighted to sell you her list of merchandise in the Emerald Graves.


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