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Dragon ball z video games 3D for Xbox 360 and PS3

Updated on March 12, 2015

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

This article introduces and chronicles the many dragon ball z video games that has appeared for the dragon ball z anime manga cartoon franchise. Dragon Ball Z may be considered as a sort of manga science fiction series. Dragon Ball Z is based mainly on the main character called Goku, who arrives on Earth as a sleeper Saiyan waiting for his chance to destroy Earth. Instead a series of events wipe out his implanted mission from his brain, and he ends up saving Earth by defending the Earth against a myriad of super villains from outer space (and also from Earth) looking for the legendary 7 dragon balls. In the process, he inspires a team of fighters, mostly born on Earth, to attain great powers and skills. The dragon ball z team is finally formed.

In Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit released on Xbox 360 and PS3, this may be considered as the first dragon ball z fighting arcade game in the style of street fighter, but which has been adapted to play in a 3D environment. The Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit video game chronicles the tale and evolution of the dragon ball z team through 3 eras - the Saiyan era, the Frieza era and the Cell era. One can play through 21 characters in the dragon ball z burst limit video game, although only 3 are available for playing in the story mode (known as the z chronicles) of the game initially. Playing through the game not only unlocks the various characters available, but also various cut scenes that add to the dramatization of the game. Here is a video of the game in action, using Goku in Super Saiyan mode against Frieza, in the backdrop of the exploding Planet Nemak.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Video Game

Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu

Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu
Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu

Dragon Ball Z Video Games Evolved

The dragon ball z burst limit video game uses great manga animation that almost copies the action of the action manga cartoon series, and almost satisfies long term dragon ball z fans.The 3D environment has a degree of maneuverability but still plays rather linear in fashion. The action is fast paced, and allows the player to use classic dragon ball z moves such as "ki force", "super saiyan mode", "Kamehameha blast", "instant transportation", etc Some of the limitations in the earlier dragon ball z video games released on earlier game consoles such as Xbox and PS2 have been overcome. The dragon ball z video games have definitely evolved in keeping with the evolution of the dragon ball z team as they strive to fight off more and more talented super villains.

The Saiyan saga chronicles the transition of Goku from fighter with great potential to talented fighter and sees the classic fight between Goku and Vegata (another Saiyan, but whose brain's imprints for destruction of Earth was not wiped out). The Frieza saga chronicles the transition of Goku to Super Saiyan mode as he evolves to combat the super Frieza on planet Nemak. Finally the Cell Saga chronicles the rise to power of Cell, an android with the ability to evolve into the ultimate fighting machine by assimilating androids and organic fighters. Cell eventually kills Goku, and witnessing the demise of his powerful legendary father stimulates Gohan, son of Goku, to transform into Super Saiyan mode 2. The outcome of the Cell Saga is inevitable.

Whilst the 3 sagas above incorporated into the dragon ball z burst limit video game were great, and the action in the game became very close to the dragon ball z animated series, fans craved for more - in addition, an actual 3d fighting game (or rather, a 4d fighting game, where characters can jump into the air and fly and still take down the enemies), and for what many fans regard as the ultimate dragon ball z saga - the Majin Buu saga. For many fans, their prayers were answered in the form of the dragon ball z video games evolved - Dragon Ball Raging Blast video game, released on xbox 360 and PS3. 

Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast

Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast video game capitalizes on the short comings of Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit by using fast paced and power ready characters to fight against one another and really almost emulates the action in the dragon ball z cartoon animation. Characters can literally throw powers after powers at one another in a fully rotatable 3d environment. In addition, the number of characters have been more than doubled compared to dragon ball z burst limit. However, one less than ideal area in dragon ball z raging blast is the lack of framing of both characters at the same time during super power attacks. One hopes that the dragon ball z raging blast 2 will correct this issue. The release date for the dragon ball z raging blast 2 will be sometime in November 2010, and includes the ability to play Majin Buu and Kid Buu, 2 most the pivotal characters that ultimately concludes the dragon ball z manga cartoon series.

Will the dragon ball z video games series ultimately evolve to include the dragon ball GT series, where Goku is "reborn" in kid form, and goes on to battle the 7 dragons contained within the 7 dragon balls. Only time will tell.


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