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Dragon Nest Bunny Farming Guide

Updated on January 12, 2012
Sigh Canyon Gold Bunny
Sigh Canyon Gold Bunny | Source

First things first though. What is bunny farming, its rewards and how do you do it?

Bunny farming, or rather the master-apprentice method is not a bug. It's a unique feature implemented in Dragon Nest by Eyedentity to help new players build a solid ground in the game. How to do it? Assuming you are at the max level which you should already be, simply run through an abyss dungeon with a someone in the party that is at least 9 levels lower than you. Once the bunny appears with you having a dimensional key at hand, the bunny would reward you with 1-2 gifts, 15pcs dimensional fragments, low grade codes, and even more dimensional keys.

Also, around 3% of the time you would encounter a golden bunny. Gold bunnies drop epic skill plates by random and can bag you hundreds of gold if you've hit the jackpot plate.

Now, for the choice of dungeons to run. Basically, it depends on your party member. If you wish to level him/her then you should run the ones that give the most exp for his/her level cap. The choice of dungeons are as follows:

Level 9-15 Sigh Canyon Abyss

Level 16-24 Dark Tower Magic Institute Abyss

Level 25-31 Sanctuary Core Abyss

The best dungeon however dimensional fragments/ hour wise is Dark Tower Magic Institute (Less than 2 mins/run)

How do you profit gold here?
-Sell the dimensional frags to a NPC

At 10s / piece, it's really not much. But still in the long term, you can stack them up and profit.

-Exchanging Dimensional Fragments to Epic Skill Heraldies

Basically if you want more risk then do this one. It gives better rewards considering you get decent skill plates. Some of the plates worth watching for are Side Kick, Twin Shot, and Impact Punch for low levels (400 frags/pouch) while Charged Shot, Fire Ball etc.. for higher levels. (more frags / pouch)

The full guide can be read here:

Dragon Nest Bunny Farming Guide.


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