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Dragon Nest Destroyer

Updated on August 25, 2012
Dragon Nest Destroyer
Dragon Nest Destroyer | Source

Dragon Nest Destroyer

Destroyers, the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of hammer based mercenaries, are often regarded as the more PvP oriented advancement class. Barbarians though still do fairly well in PvP, because in general, mercenary is a PvP class. The 2nd class advancement therefore, in my opinion, is matter of preference in the side of the player, as both advancements excel in PvP but somehow not as much in PvE. With the proper equipments however, mercenaries (destroyers and barbarians) can do significant DPS.

How destroyers differ from barbarians?

Well, destroyers are often hammer mercenaries, and hammers you see, have a higher stun rate than an axe. Axes on the other hand boast higher critical rates. So:

  • Destroyer : Stun and Paralyze (and Super Armor Break via Breaking Point skill)
  • Barbarian : Crit

This difference however, are only equipment based. Truth is, a destroyer can wield an axe and a barbarian can wield a hammer, and so the actual difference is simply in the matter of skill preference. Whether you want Flying swing EX or Stomp Ex, Breaking Point (Super Armor Destruction)or Heat Combo (Additional Damage). You decide.

Flying Swing EX
Flying Swing EX | Source

Destroyer Skills

Breaking Point

Skill Type: Passive

- Chance to break enemy super armor and deal critical hits.

  • 13% Chance
  • Cooldown 7 secs

Maelstrom Howl

Skill Type: Active

- Suck the enemy around towards the caster and howl to deal heavy damage. While sucking, physical and magic damage received is reduced.

  • Physical Damage 494.8% + 2638
  • 70% Physical damage taken reduced
  • 70% Magic damage taken reduced

Flying Swing EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Enhanced flying swing, deals additional aftershock waves which deal damage.

Each wave does 20% damage

Destroyer Pros and Cons

As with the other classes, destroyers also have their benefits and flaws. Some of them are listed as follows:


  • High superarmor break, effective against nest minibosses (especially the electric ogre in apocalypse nest)
  • High stun and paralyze rate (if equipped a hammer)


  • Lower DPS output compared to barbarians (due to damage stacking of barbarian's heat combo)
  • Mercenaries are known for having very long cooldown of skills.

Destroyer Builds

Destroyers also vary in builds, from a howl-based mob-control/tank to a full damage PvP one. Sadly however, there aren't many destroyer builds out there, maybe because barbarian builds may still apply to destroyers with only minimal modifications.

Here's a list of destroyer builds that can guide you out: Note: Barbarian builds may still apply!

Check out this video of a destroyer soloing Cerberus Nest.


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    • profile image

      ridwan 4 years ago

      klw destro naikin stun ma paralyze jg kah...????

    • profile image

      fahris 4 years ago

      menurutku destroy itu memakai palu bukan kapas bouuuuuuussssss

    • profile image

      sang dewa 4 years ago

      sampah cok kontol