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Dragon Nest Disassembling / Extraction Guide

Updated on January 11, 2012
Disassembler | Source

Disassembling and extracting equipments in the online game Dragon Nest has many benefits.

  1. You can trade obtained comet dusts and sun sparks to with epic/rare grade spiral and vortex codes.
  2. You can obtain spiral and vortex codes with a rare chance upon extraction.

What do these spiral and vortex codes do?

They allow you to instantly upgrading a specified equipment to a certain upgrade level without the jewels and the risks of failing an upgrade. (Like breaking the item)

What's the difference between a spiral and a vortex code?

A spiral code requires the equipment to be 1 level below the upgrade level that the code gives. For example, if you have a +11 epic grade level 40 primary weapon spiral code, you need to have a +10 epic grade level 40 primary weapon to be able to apply the code.

A vortex code however doesn't have a prerequisite. If you have a +11 epic grade level 40 primary weapon vortex code you can immediately and instantly upgrade a regular (w/o ups) epic grade level 40 primary weapon to +11 without worrying about any risk.

How do you make money on disassembling?

Well, you can either buy an equipment and upgrade it to the minimum upgrade level required for yielding a comet dust/sun spark upon extraction or buy an already overupgraded item and take a trip to the disassembling stone. Because in some servers the price of comet dusts and sun sparks are around 80s, depending on their price on your server you can either make a few gold or even make it big. You can also make money thru the spiral and vortex codes that drop by chance upon extraction.

The full guide can be read here:

Dragon Nest Disassembling / Extraction Guide


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    • dragon-nest profile image

      dragon-nest 6 years ago from Lagendia

      Yup, it's what I'm doing right now at SEA. The net profit is around 20g per set of 3 weapons if no spiral/vortex codes appear.

    • GDRshop profile image

      GDRshop 6 years ago

      Can you really make money by disassembling? I think it will be long and hard if you can