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Dragon Nest Elestra | Ice Witch

Updated on May 2, 2012
Elestra | Ice Witch
Elestra | Ice Witch | Source

Dragon Nest Elestra | Ice Witch

Elestra, or known in other dragon nest versions as 'Ice Witch,' is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of ice-based elemental lords. Compared to Saleana (Pyromancer), elestras are considerably the more PvP-based advancement due to the increased survivability skills and of course, the very useful movement and attack speed slow brought about by ice skills.

Though elestras are a bit behind saleanas in terms of DPS, the new skills enable versatility and support not only in PvE but also in PvP (Both group and solo).

Take note that because of the dual-ultimate system, fire-elestra are also plausible builds, though you would most probably see hybrid classes (fire + ice) focusing more on the ice.

Elestra - Freezing Sword EX
Elestra - Freezing Sword EX | Source
Elestra - Ice Barrier
Elestra - Ice Barrier | Source

Elestra | Ice Witch Skills

Elestra's skills are more defensive, enabling them to tank and move in the center of the battle with the Ice Barrier as well as provide support with the the ice spear skill. Hence as a generalization:

  • Saleana: Offence
  • Elestra: Defence

Freezing Sword (Icy Shards) EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Improved version of Freezing Sword. After unleashing all the pillars, a huge one will be launched. Huge increase in AoE.

+30% Increased damage

Ice Barrier

Skill Type: Active

- Summon an ice barrier to protect yourself. When the durability of the barrier hits 0 or 15 secs have passed,it will explode and freeze the surrounding targets for a certain duration.

  • Freeze damage 120% Matk
  • Freeze Area 2m
  • Freeze Duration 2.5 secs

Ice Spear

Skill Type: Active

- Summon an ice ball that shoots ice spears to deal magic damage in all directions.

  • Magic Damage 426% + 5616
  • Freeze Probability 10%
  • Freeze Duration 2.5 secs

Elestra | Ice Witch Pros and Cons

Elestra as a class definitely has advantages as well as disadvantages. Well, these however does not always apply because of the presence of versatile and even complex builds like DPS or Final Damage build elestras.


  • Versatile and increased survivability compared to Saleana.
  • Some say that the Elestra Final Damage build is better than Saleana.
  • Freeze is very much helpful both in PvE and PvP than burn.
  • Slow in PvP is crazy.
  • Larger AoE Skills especially Freezing Sword EX


  • Lower Damage output compared to fire-Saleanas. (Raw and Crit)

Elestra | Ice Witch Builds

Elestra builds vary, from the supportive one to the extreme DPS. Since 2nd class advancements are not yet available in our server, these guides about elestra builds should help you out:

Elestras also can play very well in PvE. Here's a video of an Elestra doing Archbishop's Nest (LvL 50) Solo. c/o [TL]xKami


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