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Dragon Nest - How to Craft a Heraldy

Updated on February 9, 2012
Heraldy Equipment Window
Heraldy Equipment Window

Dragon Nest Heraldy

First things first, what's a heraldy anyway? Well, heraldies in Dragon Nest are plates that boost both base stats (agi, str, and int) and detail stats (crit, para resist, etc...) as well as improve skills and even add an additional special skill. Heraldies are classified under three types namely:

  • Enhancement - Heraldies that boost stats
  • Skills - Heraldies that boost skills
  • Special Skill - Heraldies that provide an additional special skill

At level 40, you are entitled to wear at most 8 enhancement heraldies, 4 skill heraldies, and 1 special skill heraldy. Heraldies are viewable in the equipment window in the Heraldy Tab.

Enhancement Heraldy

Enhancement heraldies, like to what was stated above, provides additional stats. Normal heraldies boost a single stat 2 times, one for a constant value and another one a percentage increase. Rare heraldies on the other hand has a special boost on another stat, hence they are known as 3-stat heraldies. An example of this would be a Bear enhancement heraldy, giving a constant and percentage increase on strength while also giving an additional stun resist detail stat.

  • Blessed - Crit Resist
  • Redemption - Paralyze
  • Fatal - Crit
  • Impact - Stun
  • Undaunting - Para Resist
  • Tent - Magic Def
  • Commitment - Stun Resist
  • Energy - MP Recovery

Some available Enhancement Heraldies are as follows:

  • Bear - Str
  • Wind - Agi
  • Health - Vit
  • Life Vitality - Max HP
  • Wise - Int
  • Mana - Max MP
  • Magician - Magic DMG
  • Destruction - Physical DMG
  • Ultimate - Final Damage
  • Shining - Def

Heraldy Skills - Reduce Cooldown Plate
Heraldy Skills - Reduce Cooldown Plate

Skills Heraldy

Heraldy skills are basically the ones that boost the skill that the plate contains. The options available for empowering your skills are as follows:

  • Damage Increase
  • Animation Speed Increase
  • Mana Cost Reduction
  • Cooldown Decrease
  • Buff Duration Increase (For buffs)
  • Debuff Duration Increase (For debuffs)

Special Skills Heraldy

Special Skills Heraldy are heraldies that enables you to use the skill contained in the plate. Special Skills Plate are obtained in the Hell Mode of Nests (Cerberus, Manticore, Apocalypse...), as well as in Minotaur Nest and Dark Lair. Examples of the skills available are whirlwind, apocalypse tentacle, black hole, gravity ball, bull rush, fire ball, and many more.

Heraldy Crafting Window
Heraldy Crafting Window

How to craft a heraldy

Heraldies are crafted by special NPCs called Heraldy Scholars. They are located in every town and is searchable via NPC search with the label [Heraldy]. To be able to craft a heraldy, you of course need first to hunt a plate. The following summarizes where to find corresponding plates:

- Enhancement Magic and Rare grade plates drop at dungeons, with the rare ones also available for exchange in the colosseum shop via goddess medals. Epic grade ones are usually found on normal mode Nests, though gold chest from dungeons in abyss mode also has a small chance of giving it.

- Skill Magic and Rare grade plates also drop at dungeons, again with the rare ones available for exchange in the colosseum shop via goddess medals. Epic grade ones are only dropped by gold bunnies, found in abyss difficulty dungeons for a very small chance. Remember to bring dimensional keys before clicking gold bunnies to get the plate.

- Special Skills plates are all obtained in Hell mode of nests and in the dark lair.

Once you have the plate, simply obtain the needed jewels then choose your wanted stat to start the crafting process. Similarly, you can just buy all of them off in the Trading House if you have the gold.


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