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Dragon Nest - How to Get a Mount

Updated on March 30, 2012
Ebony Thunder and Snow Breeze!
Ebony Thunder and Snow Breeze! | Source

Dragon Nest Mount

Currently, mounts in dragon nest are not really a prerequisite for every player, rather, it only functions like luxury. It can only be used in towns and outer vicinities, and is not available for use in dungeons. Sure you can run faster in a town, but you can always use the warp service offered by town guards.

It does however, look really cool to be in a horseback when you're just loitering around chatting.

So how do you get a mount?

Note: As of now, the only available regular mounts are horses.

Simple, if you want to get simple mounts like the ebony thunder or snow breeze, you must exchange '6 ebony thunder horse medallion' for the ebony thunder mount or '6 snow breeze horse medallion' for the snow breeze mount to trainer Lindsay, located in the upper left part of Saint Haven ( North of Western Ticket District ). Once done, you'll have the mount item on your Pet and Mount tab in your inventory. Simply right click it and you'll be on a horse back right away.

Premium mounts, like the flaming red horse and the wolf are only available in gatcha (Altea's gatcha box). It's basically a lottery, bought in real money and offers a random item in return. You can obtain extremely rare items like permanent wings, decals, and tails, as well as premium mounts. But you can also get trash items like magic grade codes and rough jewels.

Where to get the horse medallions?

If you want to hunt for horse medallions, these are only available in Level 40 nests, namely Manticore and Apocalypse Nest Hell Mode. The Ebony Thunder Horse Medallion is dropped by Manticore whilst the Snow Breeze Horse Medallion is dropped by Apocalypse. Take note that these medallions only drop at Hell Mode, so you'll never get them at normal runs.

Trainer Lindsay!
Trainer Lindsay! | Source

Mount Accessories

If you would press 'P' and look at the Mount tab, you'll notice that there would be empty slots for Mount Items. These items are mount accessories, and are not yet in full implementation as of date. However, one way to accessorize your mount is to obtain a 'trinket', worth 50 goddess teardrops in the abyss shop. This trinket gives the same effect as that of 'fantastic four,' except that it glows on the foot on your mount. This effect can be significantly noticed when you jump around with your mount.


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      gentoo 3 years ago

      Koclok kowe!!!

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      Idiotic Dreamers 3 years ago

      how do i get a nine-tail fox ?

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      peNoy 3 years ago

      in this cap 70 there's new released that you can get free medallion when you are at level 14 from main quest but how about in max level can anyone knows how to get one?

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      ilham 4 years ago

      aku ingin membeli kuda apai

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      Eshajori 4 years ago

      But what about Arc Bloodshot?

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      is Medals are low drop?

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      THANK YOU !!