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Dragon Nest Low-Level Gold Farming Guide

Updated on November 8, 2012

Have trouble completing the level 40 dungeons? Check out these Low-level gold farming guides. These dungeons are also profitable and can be easily cleared out even with low-end equips!

Dragon Nest Dried Marissa Spring Gold Bunny
Dragon Nest Dried Marissa Spring Gold Bunny | Source

Sanctuary Core master difficulty / Dark Tower Magic Institute abyss difficulty

Sanctuary Core farming on master difficulty is pretty easy, even with a level 32 character it’ll take you an average of 5-7 minutes and of course better with a level 40. The average loots per run are about 6-9 rough agates, 2-4 low-grade codes, and 3-6 normal rarity gifts. Good pricing normal loots and rare level 24 armors appear here about once in 3 runs depending on your luck.

Dark Overlord Keep / Fortress of Dark Overlord Army / Dried Marissa Spring abyss difficulty

These dungeons yield an average of 4-6 minutes to clear with decent equips. For the rewards, the dimensional bunnies here drop rare intermediate revert cubes for about 70% chance, 2-4 ordinary jewels / run (w/ royal chest = 5 jewels each kind), rare grade (lvl 32) equips and heraldies, magic grade gifts, crafting ingredients, and prized npc loots. The cream of the crop are epic grade intermediate codes, which drops around 1/3 of the time. Seal them through incomplete seals, then sell them in the trading house. Don’t forget your gold bunny, epic skill plates are worth several hundred gold!

What dungeon to run you say? Personally I prefer the Dark Overlord Keep Abyss.

The whole guide can be read below:

Dragon Nest Low-Level Gold Farming Guide.


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