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Dragon Nest Majesty

Updated on August 25, 2012
Dragon Nest Majesty
Dragon Nest Majesty | Source

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Dragon Nest Majesty

Majesty, or Chaos Mage, is the 2nd-class advancement (3rd job) of gravity-based force users, is commonly referred to as the more PvP-oriented advancement. Though smashers also (laser-FU) do fairly well in PvP, majesties have very peculiar skills that enable them for a flexible gameplay, like copying enemy buffs and being able to blink away to while casting gravity switch.

In group PvPs, a majesty still performs the task of a force user, like setting the stage up with time-stop and slow as well as supporting allies with time-acceleration. Beefing up huge damage with other skills like summon comet.

Take note that because of the dual-ultimate system, laser-majesties and gravity-smashers are all plausible builds. It is then simply a matter of preference. Though most of the time you'll see gravity-majesties.

Steal Magic

Gravity Switch

Gravity Ball EX

Majesty Skills

Majesty skills enable versatility in a PvP battle, especially 1v1s, and this makes them good in ladder matches.

Steal Magic

Skill Type: Active

-Copy buff from target and apply the buff on yourself if the buff is not affected by weapon used. Only one buff can be copied at any one time.

Buff Duration: 20 seconds

Some notes on Steal Magic:Credits to Chaose5

  • Steal Magic DOES NOT dispel the buff on your target. Only those buff that do not require specific weapons to be equipped can be copied.
  • The stolen buff will always have a fixed duration depending on the level of the Steal Magic skill. (20 secs at lvl1 and 24 secs at lv2). For PvP, the duration is halved.
  • The stolen buff will only apply to you.
  • Steal Magic can be casted on blinking/tumbling targets.
  • If the target has more than 1 buff casted, the buff which is located higher (upper) in the skill tree will be stolen, regardless of the cast order.

    If two buffs happen to be in the same level in the skill tree, the one in the left takes higher priority.
  • Steal Magic buff priority list: Skills not listed below cannot be copied.
    • Mercenary: Highlander > Battle howl > Iron skin > Empowering Howl
    • Sword Master: Highlander
    • Bow Master: Wisdom of the Owl > Rage of the Owl > Spirit Excellation > Sylph's Aid > Magical Breeze
    • Acrobat: Wisdom of the Owl > Rage of the Owl > Spirit Excellation > Spirit Boost > Showtime
    • Priest: Aura Restoration > Blessing of Light > Relic of Heal > Relic of Miracle > Protection Shell > Striking
    • Paladin: Aura Restoration > Divine Punishement > Iron Will > Justice Power
    • Elemental Lord: Mana Flow > Fire Shield > Ice shield > Ice barrier
    • Force User: Mana Flow > Time acceleration > Arcane

Gravity Switch

Skill Type: Active

- Raise up the enemy into the air, then drop them, dealing damage.

Magic Damage: 692% + 4490

Gravity Ball EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Improved version of 'gravity ball.' Explodes 3 times while the area of each explosion increases.

Increase 60% damage

Majesty Pros and Cons

Like with the other classes, majesty also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of which are listed below:


  • Flexible gameplay. Very cunning and fun when used properly.
  • More PvP oriented, effective against 1v1.
  • Still effective team-play support.
  • Majesty skills have high super armor bonus and super armor destruction bonus.


  • Lower damage output compared to smashers.
  • Steal Magic requires a bit of mastery for maximum effectiveness. (Like stealing 'Iron Skin,' Rage of the Owl, etc..)

Majesty Builds

Majesties, being more PvP oriented, can have a variety of plausible builds, ranging from a pure DPS and Final Damage one to a max HP ladder build. Some few guides that can help you are as follows:

Check out this video of a Majesty soloing Apocalypse Nest Hell Mode.

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