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Dragon Nest Saint

Updated on May 2, 2012

Dragon Nest Saint

Saint, the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of relic-based priests, is considered the best defensive support class in the game. Packed with a greater healing ability plus better relic DPS, saints can pump out huge damage while supporting out allies in the battle at the same time.

Still take note that cross linking of 2nd class advancements are possible. Hence it is always plausible to find light-saints and relic-inquisitors. Skill builds aren't confined to their class!

Lightning Relic EX

Holy Shield

Shock of Relic

Saint Skills

Saint's skills are primarily beefed up for support and defense. The enhanced relics (plus its detonate) tremendously boosts the priest's DPS and so saints are a force to be reckoned with during clashes. The immobility of the relic skills however means that saints have range as a disadvantage over its counterpart. As a generalization therefore:

  • Saint: Defensive support
  • Inquisitor: Offensive support

Regardless of the 2nd class advancement however, priests in general provide excellent support both PvE and PvPwise.

Lightning Relic EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Enhance Lightning Relic to generate electric field within the range of 2m around the relic to deal extra damage.

25% additional damage to nearby enemies

Holy Shield

Skill Type: Active

- Fills the caster and the surrounding allies with the holy power for a set of duration, restoring HP at a set percentage of the caster's Magic Attack whenever the caster and the allies are hit by the enemies.

Recovers HP by 30% of the Magic Attack.

Shock of Relic

Skill Type: Active

- Casts lightning bolts around the 5m range of the relic summoned by the caster, attacking the enemies nearby.

Note: Works like detonate, ignite, or shatter.

Magic Damage 250.8% + 1496

Saint Pros and Cons

As with other classes, saints also have their benefits and flaws. Some of the important ones are listed as follows:


  • Excellent support skills, better ally support than inquisitors. (Holy Shield and relic EX)
  • Relics can be stacked on one area to be detonated by shock of relic all at once. (w/ time acceleration = owning)


  • Relics are immobile (when the enemy is out of AoE = nothing)
  • Less electrocute chance compared to inquisitors.
  • Very low superarmor bonus on skill casting of new skills. (easily canceled)

Saint Builds

And yes saints also vary in skill builds. The build ranges from the pure supportive (heal + buff maxed) one to a pure DPS or Final Damage build. Once again however, I find hybrid types more preferable because of flexibility it gives depending on the situation.

Some good guides that can help out with possible saint builds are as follows: c/o chaose5

Since I can no longer link to mmosite more than once, please look for these guides in mmosite on your own.

  • Totoro's Supportive Saint Build
  • Megido's Hybird PvE Saint Build
  • Succubus' Extra Hybrid FS+DPS build
  • Healmepls' Saint Build
  • Pika's Saint Build

Here's a video of a saint doing Manticore Nest Hell alone.


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      mikeydcarroll67 6 years ago

      Looks interesting. I might have to start playing.....